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Remove Obstacles Ritual Candle Bundle

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**Warning: Be careful when handling these candles. Do not touch eyes and wash hands thoroughly. They are made with chili and can cause skin irritation.

These candles were made to remove all obstacles in one's path! They can be used for a variety of different situations. You can burn one of these candles alongside your spell so all obstacles be removed that would keep your spell from manifesting. If you are feeling stuck, these are great to light and then follow these candles with Road Opening candles. (Link Below)

The black wax represents the obstacles, and the white candle beneath symbolizes the clear path. As the candles burn down, it clears the blockages in order to reach your desired outcome.

They are made with highly potent and effective obstacle removing herbs and essential oils and are made to aid you in your spiritual path for whatever your needs are, spells, rituals, etc.

These candles are made in ritual and in the appropriate moon phase. I am a Reiki Master, and I added Reiki energy to the batch of candles to strengthen the effectiveness of them.

Set of 3
6" Candles
Paraffin wax