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Runic Pentacle Talisman

This Pentacle is surrounded by the Runic Alphabet, the Futhark. This ancient magickal Nordic alphabet contains a mystery of wisdoms within each letter. The rune alphabet surrounding the Pentacle adds extra strength and protection spiritually.

The pentacle is a magical five-pointed star formed by one continuous never-ending line. It is an ancient symbol honored by many cultures and carrying many meanings; a symbol of truth, a sign of completeness, of protection, a symbol of mankind, and is closeley associated with the earth and the Earth Mother Goddess.

The pentacle is an ancient symbol of protection, and the common symbolism of each point is earth, air, fire, water, and psyche (or spirit) as well as the directions east, south, west, north, and within. The circle that encases the 5-pointed star is a symbol of unity, wholeness, the quest for divine knowledge, and the unending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Comes on 36" adjustable cord *adjustable by tying

1" pendant

Cast in lead-free pewter in the USA

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