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Wealth Roll-On Oil

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New to the shop! Our best-selling candle is now a roll-on oil.

This roll-on oil is to aid in growing wealth. This is a completely different recipe than our Money Drawing products. Money comes and goes, but wealth and prosperity keep growing and expanding. First of all, it works with mindset, creating a wealth mindset, releasing any scarcity mentality. This oil will work in the way it needs to aid you in your path. For those that already have a wealth mindset, this will help your endeavors grow and expand, opening the right doors, helping you meet the right people. 

Wear daily and apply as often as needed. 

For better results, use the Wealth candle along with the oil. 

On the label is a a Medieval Money talisman. It has been used for success and wealth from the Medieval era. I activated the talismans on each oil just as I do the talismans. 

Scent: Sangria

 Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Essential Oils, Essence Oils, Wealth Herbal Blend, Purple Mica, Crystal Quartz

Sweet almond oil base 

10 ml

*Discontinue use if irritation occurs