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Witch's Runes Talisman

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The Rune-like letters around the outside of the pentacle is said to be a relic from the Atlantean days. These magical letters, called the "Witch's Runes" are thought to be connected to the Cabalistic Enochian Script of the Elizabethan Astrologer and Magician Dr. John Dee.

Through Angelic communication the Angels Michael and Urial gave to John Dee this Magical Alpahbet divinely inspired and transmitted to humanity by various of God's Angels. Sometimes called the Theban Alphabet, this script is very popular among the elemental crafters of today.

These ancient runes have been used from time immemorial as a Magical Alphabet from which spells and inscriptions were written. The powers of these magical letters are enhanced by the magical pentacle.

The pentacle is a magical five-pointed star formed by one continuous never-ending line. It is an ancient symbol honored by many cultures and carrying many meanings; a symbol of truth, a sign of completeness, of protection, a symbol of mankind, and is closeley associated with the earth and the Earth Mother Goddess.

The pentacle is an ancient symbol of protection, and the common symbolism of each point is earth, air, fire, water, and psyche (or spirit) as well as the directions east, south, west, north, and within. The circle that encases the 5-pointed star is a symbol of unity, wholeness, the quest for divine knowledge, and the unending cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Comes on 36" adjustable cord *adjustable by tying

Cast in lead-free pewter in the USA

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