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December Full Moon

December 08, 2021

December Full Moon

The last full moon of the year is also known as the Cold Moon because it signals the arrival of the winter season. This full moon is taking place in Gemini and as a result, you can expect a focus on communication, creartivity, and balance. Because of the recent eclipse during the new moon, there will still be a residual influence so you can also expect a new perspective and clarity about problems you have been focusing on.

This post will focus on the different ways you can work with this full moon.


Regardless of the divination tool you work with, you can hold a session that can focus on the following:

*how to improve your communication 

*what needs to be done in order to expand your creativity 

*what are the blockages that keep you from creating or manifesting 

*what do you need to change in order to create balance in your life 

You can focus on all of these areas and dedicate a tarot or oracle card to each one, or you can just pick the one that is the most relevant to you at this time. 

Ritual Bath or Shower

Because this full moon is in Gemini and there is a focus on communication, you can take a ritual shower or bath that focuses on the throat chakra, which is the energy center for communication. You can work with specific salts or soaps that are made for this center or you can create your own. You can also work with a purification or aura cleansing bath salts or soap, and focus on clearing this energy center. 

For those of you who like to sing while in the bath or shower, pick a song that makes you feel empowered and sing it. This is another way to clear and balance your throat chakra. 

Crystal Grid

Whether you are trying to expand your creativity or improve your communication, there is a crystal for that. You can create a crystal grid and keep it on your altar or in your creative space. Remember to cleanse and charge your crystals first! 

Crystal for Creativity:



Peacock Ore 

Blue Lace Agate 

Golden Quartz 

Crystals for Communication:






The list can go on for both but these are a good start. And for those of you on a budget, you can always use one from a list and surround them with quartz crystals.