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About Us

Kelly Elvina

Witch | Tarot Reader | Reiki Master
I am Kelly Elvina, the founder and owner of Lunam Love. I started my online shop in 2014. I am a witch and healer and believe in empowering others to reach their highest potential either through magick and healing.  I am an eclectic witch and have a deep love for knowledge and delving into studies of the occult.  I work on my craft and abilities daily. I live and breathe magick and am very passionate about my spiritual path.  I am a tarot reader and have been reading for close to 10 years, and I am also a Reiki Master and teacher.
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Meet the team!

I am excited to welcome a gifted team to Lunam Love!


Rose Rendon

Medium | Intuitive Reader

Rose is extremely thoughtful and sincere in her message delivery. Her down to earth presence and sensitive nature immediately puts you at ease in your session. With an extreme accuracy and compassion that is unparalleled, Rose goes beyond the surface to dive deep into your life purpose, and her clear channel to spirit will leave you feeling as if you’ve just reconnected with your loved one as if you can feel their presence.  She is beyond generous in her capacity to feel your loved ones, yet carries a responsibility to deliver their heartfelt messages with compassion and love. Rose goes the extra mile to understand your concerns and to help you feel comfortable and safe during your session. Rose is patient, sweet and incredibly understanding of your current situation, and is passionate in breaking down your personal barriers to help you reach your fullest potential.

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Drea Helen

Astrologer | Tarot Reader | Reiki Healer

My name is Andrea (Drea) McGowan. I am a 34 yr old Libra from Ventura County, CA. Growing up knowing you're different from everyone else has its struggles. My Mom knew when I was a child I had some type of "gift". I was overly sensitive, emotional, and just seemed to know things. As I grew older my differences started making themselves known being around more children that were not like me. 

Luckily my Mom is a Medium and very open minded. She guided me through my confusing adolescence and always encouraged me to be true to myself.  I began reading books and learning about old souls trying to understand anything I could about who I was. 

In 2004, I met a dear friend of mine that introduced me to the beautiful world of Astrology. I learned to read birth charts and realized that there is so much more to the world than what is on the surface. Through Astrology I began helping friends and family understand what they were going through and cope with their struggles. Helping others became a passion and I knew it was my purpose in life. 

Astrology led to utilizing Tarot to channel and interpret messages. Eventually my gifts grew stronger and I am now clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient. Also a very strong empath I am able to feel and channel the emotions of my clients. Speaking and receiving messages from my spirit guides allows me to guide my clients with love and light. My passion for helping others has elevated to a passion for healing and guiding. 

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High Level Energy Worker
I was a former ghost hunter and was always the ghost locator. Several years in investigation before I started to specialize in removal. In my paranormal life, I had become used to encountering demons or other and removing them was never anything more than energy work.
I got into energy healing several years ago and realized I could visualize trapped energy in people's bodies. Removing blocks was no big deal to get the channels flowing again. I started to experiment with various techniques, always trying to be more efficient, go deeper and seeing what else could be fixed through unblocking. I fiddled with cellular function, and have worked with cancer. 
4 years ago I completed a very in depth Kabbalah course with deep shamanistic principles, and this has allowed me to understand chakras, healing, magic, and the Universe more clearly and how everything connects
These days, I've worked with various beings in communication, always looking for harmonious results. I've had to rid clients of demons, shadow people, jinn, even gods, as well as curses, the evil eye, and have helped people connect with their guides, aliens and resident spirits. I've helped people develop psychic powers and used to teach a meetup. I've had experience as a spiritual life coach, and inspired people to become better than they thought they could be. I've helped some clients with severe behavioral issues to success. I have been the psychic that many advanced psychics turn to for help.
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