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Bath + Body

All of our products are made with high-quality ingredients and made in ritual with intention, herbs, and oils. Featuring Lunam Love and other artisan brands.
Good Fortune Body Oil $21.00
Wealth Body Oil $21.00
Money Drawing Ritual Soap Sold Out
Empath Protection Body Oil $21.00
Triple Protection Ritual Soap Sold Out
Aura Cleansing Ritual Soap $8.50
Blessings Ritual Soap $8.50
Awakening Support Body Oil $21.00
I Have Arrived Body Oil $21.00
Lunam Lust Body Oil $21.00
Heart Healing Body Oil $21.00
Abundance Ritual Soap $8.50
Enchanted Body Oil $21.00
Aura Protection Ritual Soap $8.50
Motivation and Success Salt Scrub, 4 oz Sold Out
Calm the Eff Down Ritual Soap $8.50
Purification Ritual Soap $8.50
Enchanted Ritual Soap $8.50
Road Opening Ritual Soap $8.50
Vixen Body Oil $21.00
Cord Cutting Body Oil $21.00
Inner Goddess Ritual Soap Sold Out
Good Vibes Ritual Soap $8.50
Fire of Love Body Oil $21.00
Calming Body Oil $25.00
Sweet Love Ritual Soap $8.50
Sacred Feminine Body Oil $21.00
Sea Witch Body Oil $21.00
Strength Ritual Soap $8.50
Lunam Lust Ritual Soap $8.50
Love Goddess Ritual Soap $8.50
Polaris Body Oil $21.00
The Sacred Feminine Ritual Soap Sold Out
Moon Goddess Body Oil $21.00
Faerie Realm Body Oil $21.00
Celestial Ritual Soap $8.50
Dark Moon Ritual Soap Sold Out
Moon Goddess Ritual Soap $9.00
Faerie Realm Ritual Soap $8.50
Euphoria Body Oil Sold Out
Egyptian Goddess Ritual Soap $8.50