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Sessions with Kelly Elvina

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My tarot readings go over general, finances, love, and any other spreads you want to pull. The readings are time based, so we can pull cards for any topics of your choosing.   We can also pull about your spiritual path, journey, and path in magick. I am a healer and sets the intention before each session that the reading help guide you and advise you and will help you live your best life ad help you evolve into the person you want to become. I ask that the cards show you the way how to get there.  

I have been reading for 10 years and have read at psychic faires regularly. 


-Wealth Recoding Sessions - 

*Previously known as Wealth Magnetization Sessions

These sessions have grown and evolved so much since I started offering them, beyond I have ever thought they could be.   These sessions are all-encompassing.  I start the session by guiding the client into a  reiki meditation to relax the mind and body and to allow the client to be receptive to the work being done in the session.  

Once we are connected, I let Spirit guide the session, my guides and yours, to what your soul needs.  Every session is unique and every session is exactly what the client needs.

Wealth is more than money.  It is wealth of life, wealth in love, wealth in happiness, wealth in health, and true prosperity.  My guides lead me to what is stopping you from stepping into your full power.  These sessions recode the matrix in the soul. 

In sessions a variety of things can happen.  I have recoded old wealth programming, changed the narrative in someone's mind, connected the client to their soul origin to feel whole and connected, given activations needed, and more. 

These sessions heal past lives, cut cords, clear one's energy field.  If the clients guides allow it, I quantum leap the client into their desired time line, and we watch everything fall into place.  My guides lead me to exactly what needs to be worked on.

I have started receiving the downloads for these sessions back in 2019.  I went through consistent activations and downloads since then as they prepared me for these sessions.  I am grateful to offer these sessions to my clients and continue to see where these session evolve.

Wealth Boost: This session is specifically geared to magnetizing your energy to attract wealth, money, luck, and abundance. Think of becoming a magnet with your energy drawing in business opportunities and increased sales. Perfect for individuals in a sales or an entrepreneur career. Magnetizing your energy isn't just for money it can also increase all types of attraction vibrations. 

15-minute Wealth Boost session is completed via email with the intention of refreshing previous wealth energy work and also a more accessible option for smaller businesses or newer wealth mindset individuals



I am an Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master as well as an Usui/Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master and teacher.  I have been practicing energy work around 15 years and have been practicing Reiki over 5 years.  During the session, I go over what the session entails, protect both of our spaces, and guides you into a meditation.  During the session, I take notes, and then discuss the notes and I allow the client time to share what they saw and felt during the session.

45-minute sessions are 25 minutes of channeling of Reiki, 20 minutes of discussion

To read more about Reiki, click here.

1-Hour sessions are 40 minutes of energy work and 20 minutes of discussion 

30-minute sessions are 20 minutes of energy work, and 10 minutes of discussion 


 If you do not prefer Zoom for your booked session, please email me at Kelly@lunamlove.com, and we can arrange a phone call instead.