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Deadline to pre-order: April 30th

Boxes ship out: Friday, May 13th

 May's Box theme is: The Evil Eye Box!

This box will have items for removal of the Evil Eye, clearing, protection against the evil eye, and all kinds of items for self, home, and more!

I can't wait to show you what I have planned for this box!


Evil Eye. Mal de Ojo. 

This term is common throughout the spiritual world and spans many cultures for this type of psychic attack.  It dates back to over 5,000 years ago.

You can be "cursed" with the Evil Eye by an envious or evil glare or even too many eyes on you!  For example, that is why babies get evil eye a lot.  Too many eyes on them.

From this perspective, a good number of cases of the Evil Eye are accidental, and not even caused by people that practice witchcraft. This is why in many cases when people come to healers or walk into spiritual shops, they search for the removal of this type of attack or protection against it. 

People are not the only ones that can be affected by the Evil Eye. Businesses, belongings, cars, houses, and even pets can be affected!

Symptoms/signs of the Evil Eye can include: 


*unexpectedly falling ill


*mental fog/confusion

*bad luck

*feeling blocked/in a rut  

*low sales in business

*feeling invisible

So how can we protect ourselves from the Evil Eye? How can we remove it if we are already being affected? 

That's where this box comes in!  It has all the tools needed to clear and protect!  

What makes subscription boxes fun!

Each box is a surprise, and it feels like you are receiving a gift in the mail. You open it with anticipation. I build every box with items I would love to receive in the mail, and I make sure I outdo myself every time! I spend hours meditating and planning before any item gets ordered or goes into production.

Exact contents are not revealed beforehand. I craft the items according to the energies we are experiencing. See photos of past boxes for examples of different items I have included in previous boxes.

6 Boxes a Year

We release a box every other month. That is 6 boxes a year, and each box will have a different theme which will be announced.

Each box will have a NEW release as well as some other products that are not yet offered in the shop. Box subscribers will be the first to receive the new items!

FREE SHIPPING within the US!

*If you are an international customer, please email us at kelly@lunamlove.com

What to expect in your box:

Exact contents are not revealed. It is surprise until you receive and open the box! You will be receiving a NEW candle release that is not yet available in my shop. Our box subscribers get it FIRST!

Each box will be different. Other items that MAY be included in the box:

-Ritual Kits

-Ritual Candles

-Ritual Oils

-Salt Scrubs


-Perfume or ritual oils





-Witch accessories

And more!

By purchasing a subscription box, you get all the items at discount.

Box $150+ value

Everything in the boxes are Vegan and Cruelty Free

Previous Boxes
***$100 subscription option. This is a subscription. A charge of $100 will occur every 2 months. There is no long-term commitment at this time. A cancellation must be submitted to support@lunamlove.com. A cancellation form MUST
be submitted 7 days PRIOR to your next billing date. If you submit a cancellation request AFTER the 7 days notice, you will be billed for the box, no exceptions. There are no refunds once box has shipped and has been delivered By purchasing our box subscription, you adhere to these guidelines and understand the terms and conditions.