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How to Cleanse Your Home

Do you feel tired or depressed when you spend time at home?  Is your family prone to arguments or discontent?  Do you sense a dark or negative energy looming over you that you can’t quite seem to shake?  If any of these circumstances apply to you, it may be time for a house cleansing, restoring a sense harmony within your home.  In this blog post, I will go over the general practices of cleansing with smoke, and I will also discuss the process of working with salt-fire (used in more extreme cases when a run-of-the-mill cleansing just won’t cut it).

Smoke Cleansing

Step 1: 
Before you begin your cleansing, it is important air out any negative energy that may be lurking within your home.  Open your windows and turn on your fans, allowing the air around you to circulate, revitalizing stagnant energy and releasing dark spirits.   

Step 2: 
Although you may use Sage or Palo Santo or incense to perform your cleansing, the burning of herbs in a charcoal dish can be just as effective; clearing herbs such as rosemary, copal, frankincense tears, bay leaf, and basil are preferred.  Begin at the back of your house, making your way through each room—warding off dark spirits with smoke.  Be sure to pay close attention to corners, covering every nook and cranny of your house before ending this ritual at the front door, forcing the darkness to exit your home.

Step 3: 
You may also say a prayer during this ritual, calling upon a higher power of your choosing to aid you (a deity, the universe, angels, etc.).  Evoke the assistance of this higher power by stating, “I ask that all negative energy be removed from this home and only positive energy remain.”  A prayer will provide additional protection against dark spirits while cleansing.

Salt-Fire Cleansing 

Step 1:
You will need a cauldron or a heavy cooking pot when cleansing your home of a powerful, dark energy.  Do not use this cooking pot for food preparation after completing your ritual, keeping the pot free of any future contaminants.   You may cleanse your cauldron or cooking with sage prior to performing a salt-fire cleansing. 

Step 2:
Line the bottom of your cauldron with salt.  This can be sea salt, kosher salt, Himalayan, or plain old table salt—whatever you can find in your pantry.  If you prefer, you can add the aforementioned herbs (found in Step 2 of Smoke Cleansing) to your salt, strengthening the effect of your purification ritual.  You may also draw protective symbols, such as a pentacle or cross, in your salt.   

Step 3:
Drizzle 70% proof rubbing alcohol over your salt.  I would like to emphasize that drizzling does not mean dousing!  Drenching your salt will result in a higher flame than desired.  Throw a match into the cauldron to ignite the salt.  Using a match instead of a lighter will allow you to pull your hand away more quickly and avoid getting burned.   Keep baking soda nearby to manage the fire, ensuring that it does not rage out of control.  Be sure to place your cauldron away from curtains, or anything else that may catch fire.  Do not leave the room while the fire is burning.   

Step 4:
Usually, this process is relatively quick, and the fire will burn itself in about five minutes.  However, this ritual can potentially take longer if your house has accumulated more negative energy.  While the fire is burning, use a singing bowl or simply clang together pots and pans to ward off dark spirits.  If you notice that the salt has burned brown, or you still feel negative energy in your home, repeat the salt-fire cleansing process.

Remember, a spiritual cleansing is just as important as regular house cleaning.  There are many other methods you can use to cleanse your home.  Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts to learn more!  In the meantime, visit our shop to purchase essential home cleansing products.

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