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The New Year Box

January 16, 2023

The New Year Box

Thank you for purchasing The New Year Box!

I hope you love it as much as I loved creating it!

Start the year right with all of the spells contained within.

Box Contents

I AM ____ Manifestation Candle

Send it Back Ritual Spray

Rose of Jericho Flower

Rue Bundle & Charcoal Disk

Money Manifestation Candle

Loving Relations Candle

Evil Eye Clearing and Protection Candle

Protection Candle

High Vibe Card

I AM ______ Manifestation Candle

Write in anything your heart desires after the "I AM" statement.  Hold it to your heart prior to lighting and feel your energy activate and program the candle.

This candle was made to anchor to what you are manifesting and help you calibrate to the frequency.

Light daily.  This candle is powerful to burn near your vision board so it can bring the whole board into your reality!

Send it Back Ritual Spray

We don't have time for ugly energy being projected towards us as we manifest this year!  Send it back!  Use this daily so it reverses any energy on you to keep you cleared, protected.

A spray a day keeps the haters at bay!

Rose of Jericho Flower

<span;>Rose of Jericho is a plant the represents eternity since it can be awakened, dried, and awakened again if taken care of properly! Rose of Jericho welcome good fortune in the place they are awakened in.

<span;>To wake up your plant, place in a dish of water where only the roots will be in the water and allow it to bloom.

<span;>Change out your water every day. You can throw the water on your threshold of your home and business to welcome in good fortune.

Rue Bundle & Charcoal Disk

Rue is an amazing herb for clearing all kind of heavy energy, hexes, crossed conditions, etc.  Cleanse your house, your car, your belongings, under beds

These bundles sometimes have trouble staying lit on their own, so to have a continuous burn for easy cleansing, light the charcoal disk in a cauldron or fire-safe container and place one side of the rue on the charcoal.  Smudge out between uses.  You don't have to use the whole stick at once!

Money Manifestation Candle (green)

This candle is a combination of my money drawing recipe, money magnet recipe, and the magician recipe to help you manifest that cash and accomplish your money goals this year!

Love & Friendship Candle (pink)

This candle can be used for self-love, love, drawing in new friendships, soul-aligned people in your life, etc.  Set your intention with this candle.

Evil Eye Clearing and Protection Candle (blue) 

This candle will help clear your energy of the evil eye and also protect.  Carve your name into the candle before lighting.

Protection Candle (black)

Protection spells should be done every 1-3 months depending on how many people you are around.  Use this candle to protect you, your home, your family, your pets, your finances, etc.

High Vibe Card
Each card was intuitively chosen just for you.  It comes from the High Vibe Card Deck by Becky Moore.

The candles can be lit in one large New Year spell with the glass jar or as separate spells.

For one big spell, I recommend placing the I AM  candle in the center of a tray and add the votive candles around the candle then add a salt ring around the entire spell. Write an intention letter and place it under your I AM candle.