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BAD WITCH ACADEMY Mastery Level 8-Week Program


The Bad Witch Academy Mastery Level is HERE!

8-week journey of mastery in the bad witch arts.

*Bad Witch Academy Level 1 is a pre-requisite to taking this class.

The baddest bitches out there now how to influence energy anytime, anywhere at will.

This program is for those ready to take full control of their life.

This program is not for those who are not ready to put in the work.

This program is designed for the Queen of Queens.

The Bad Witches

The Bad Bitches

Those who make the rules

Those who know they are destined for more.

Those who know they can and will manifest anything they want.

Here is where you learn, finetune your skills, connect with like-minded powerhouses.

Do you have what it takes?

Are you ready for the next level?

 Let's go! 

This program is mastery in mindset, magick, influence, energy, and a lot of practice. 

To be a master of anything, you have to put in the hours. Mindset and application.

This is the mastery level.  At the end of our 8-week journey, you will receive your BWA Mastery Certification.

You heard me right!  Bad Witch Academy certification!

There will be hours that need to be logged, documentation of your experiences, drills.

Bad bitches know how to influence energy in their favor. 

 How to handle situations that are not favorable, how to stay in bad bitch and queen energy.

Have you been wanting to uplevel your psychic gifts to better your life?

 Have you wanted to get better at magick and energy work?

Do you often wonder who you are at your maximum potential?

Bad Witch Academy is all of this and more.

You know the theory, the basics.  Now it is time to learn more! 

The mastery course is more than accountability.  There are requirements, drills, tests, and we will all hold each other accountable in our uplevel. 

*This program is not limited to females.

Deadline to Sign Up is: Friday, November 11th, 2022

Program Starts: Wednesday, November 16th, 2022

Program Ends: Wednesday, January 18th

Class Schedule

Week 1: Wednesday, November 16th
Week 2: Wednesday, November 23rd
Week 3: Wednesday, November 30th
Week 4: Thursday, December 8th
Week 5: Wednesday, December 14th
Week 6: Wednesday, December 21st
2-Week holiday break
Week 7: Wednesday, January 11th
Week 8: Wednesday, January 18th
We will meet once a week via Zoom every Wednesday evening starting at 6 pm PST.  Depending on discussing, classes most classes will go longer than 2 hours.  I am not setting a definitive end time.  They will all go as long as needed.
If you miss a week, there will be a replays sent via email. They are just as powerful as watching live. You can also rewatch them any time you feel guided to do so.
After signup, you will be given access to a Private FB Group as well where you can connect to others in the group.  Our FB groups are an experience on their own. 
If you don't have an account, highly recommend making an account even if it is just to join the group.  You won't regret it!

Lunam Love programs are about community, support, and connection. We go through this journey together, celebrate our wins, support each other through our uplevel, and most of all, we BECOME!

Even though this course doesn't officially start until November, I will be posting in the FB group regularly so we can start the mastery even before it officially begins! 

8-Week Program

All classes are a mix of discussion, tarot (when divinely guided), candle work, energy sessions, magick, and practice!

Each week, you will be assigned homework that will be checked so I can make sure you are all retaining and grasping the material and energy practice.

Introductions, we all get to know each other, connect, share our stories, our goals for joining Bad Witch Academy Mastery Level!  Share experiences since BWA, Level 1.

After intros, we dive right in! 

Art of Influence and Enchantment, Part 1!

Energy Session: Clearing and an enchantment chakra activation

Art of Influence and Enchantment, Pt. 2!

We go over enchantment magick, energy techniques, how to apply, and we practice amongst the group live on the call.

Energy Session: Clearing and a hand and hypnotic eye enchantment activation

Art of Influence and Enchantment Pt. 3! 

To be the best of the best, you need to up your awareness, your perception, your intuition, your psychic abilities. 
Everyone can become psychic.  I will teach you the shortcuts to become more psychic even after the call as well as long-term work that you can practice daily

Energy Session: Clearing your psychic channels, psychic and energetic upgrade

This class will be a lot of practice in the group!
Practice scenarios.  We are putting our influence and enchantment magick to the test!
Energy Session: Bad witch with a heart of gold activation

Dealing with negativity, difficult narcissistic personalities, unfavorable situations.

Energy practice, how to protect your energy, how to defend, how to unarm people trying to harm you.

Protection Magick and Energy Techniques

Reversal Magick and Energy Techniques

Unarming and Self-Defense magick and Energy Techniques

How to call back your power


Week 6 falls on Winter Solstice, longest night of the year.  We are casting magick!  All of you will be expected to participate live in this call.  There will be a lot of group sharing about what you feel, what you see, teaching how to go deeper into candle magick, energy work.


The Rich Witch.
Bad bitches make exactly what they want and know they are unstoppable.
Setting 2023 money goals and plans how to get there!

Money magick, wealth magick, how to influence energy. 

QA & Group coaching

What do you want to learn?  What do you struggle with?  What do you want to be better at?  This call is based all around what you want to learn!

Bring your questions, we will be going deep!

Energy Session: Divinely guided (I am feeling an activation come through.)

Value: $250    
Queen of Queens Ritual Body Oil *NEW
Queen of Queens Premium Candle *NEW
Bad B$tch Spray
Gray Agate Sphere
Bad B$tch Coffee
(If you are part of the Fall BWA, you will receive a crystal water bottle in place of the mug and coffe.)
Bad Witch Academy PDF Printable Journal/Log


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I can't wait to begin this journey with you!

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