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BE FEARLESS, Private Zoom Experience


Another FREE Zoom Experience to end 2021 in the most powerful and profound way! 

I will be clearing a list of major fears stored within the mind and energetic body that hold so many of us back in life.  These fears hold us back from stepping into our best timeline. Fear closes doors.  Fear keeps us stuck.  But fear can be cleared! 

I am going to help you release that fear.  I will be channeling Queen of Fire energy and connecting all of you to Source energy so you can see all that is possible after the session. There will also be a candle lit for everyone to strengthen the process.

It is time to stop living in fear. Let's do this! 

BE FEARLESS to walk into 2022 and take it by the reigns. 

BE FEARLESS to be your true and authentic self. 

BE FEARLESS to manifest what you desire!

BE FEARLESS to move on from situations or people that no longer serve you.  

BE FEARLESS to evolve and become a better version of you!


See all of you there!

Monday, December 20th, 5:30 pm PST

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