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Full Moon Magick Membership -Monthly Boxes, Monthly Calls!

 Join the Lunam Love Coven!

Full Moon Magick is just the first part of the Coven Experience.

It grows from here. We are starting celebrating Full Moons. We will eventually start celebrating Sabbats, have Solstice Ceremonies, New Moon meetings, and more!

Being part of Full Moon Magick includes:

Full Moon Magick Spell Box each month

12 Boxes a Year!

We meet every Full Moon via Zoom

We cast together

We connect.

I teach magick.

Each month we will have introductions of new members.  This is so much more than a monthly call and product.  This is community.

Upcoming call is: Wednesday, December 7th

December Full Moon:

Spell Themes:

Calls are held via Zoom

*Each call will be recorded and e-mailed after so you can rewatch during the month if you miss it.

*Price includes US Shipping and insurance
*International Customers: It includes $12 shipping. You will be invoiced for the overage.  We are not responsible for Customs Fees.


This box will have new products and all kinds of ritual supplies.  This box includes:




Each and every month you will receive a box with all the materials needed to cast a full moon spell aligned with the current energy.  You will also receive access to an exclusive group Zoom call where we will cast together!

There is power in numbers and casting together will create more powerful spell results!

What to expect during the call

-We will start by prepping our space and our spell, protecting our casting room, setting up our spell

-I will guide everyone through a meditation to tap into the energy of the current full moon and help everyone relax and tap into their magick before casting.

-I will channel messages for everyone before and during casting

-We will meditate with our spell

-Group Sharing

On my end, I will be casting a group spell for everyone including the essential, protection!

New to witchcraft? Don't worry! 

I will go over how to cast, explain how to protect your space, and so forth.  I will also be sending protection to everyone during the call.

Different items you can expect in your box





Body Oils






Our regular boxes are a secret each month, but these I will be sharing what each box contains as I channel and build them!  I will be sharing them on IG and the FB group.

Full Moon Magick FB Group


Commonly Asked Questions


Is a group spell more powerful than a spell cast alone?

Yes, especially during these calls because I will be casting a group spell for you as well!


Will there be a replay available if something comes up and I miss the call?

Yes!  It will be emailed to all of you, and it is just as effective if cast within 2 days after the Full Moon.  I always set the intention that the calls are just as powerful on replay.

How to prepare for the call?

Dress in an outfit where you feel powerful commanding energy in!  And if it is something comfy, that works too!

Will I get my box in time?

Yes!  That is why we are sending the boxes 10 days before the call date.

If you are international, we will send it even earlier so it makes it to you on time.

***$150 subscription option. This is a subscription. A charge of $150 will occur every 30 days. There is no long-term commitment at this time. A cancellation must be submitted to support@lunamlove.com. A cancellation form MUST
be submitted 7 days PRIOR to your next billing date. If you submit a cancellation request AFTER the 7 days notice, you will be billed for the current subscription, no exceptions.

There are no refunds once box has shipped and has been delivered.

By purchasing this subscription, you adhere to these guidelines and understand the terms and conditions.