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-Monthly Membership-
First Thursday of each month, 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. PST  
January's theme: Renewal
Upcoming call is Thursday, January 5th, 2022!
Calls are held via Zoom

*Each call will be recorded and e-mailed after so you can rewatch during the month.

-Start the month magickally aligned with a Lunam Love Group Energy Clearing Session -

This month's session is so needed after a heavy holiday season.
Prepare to be cleansed, refreshed, revived, and inspired. You will leave the call revived and filled with inspiration, focus, and energy!  
It will feel like a luxury spa experience rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit.
How do you know you need your energy cleared?
When our energy needs clearing, we can start to feel sluggish, foggy-minded, your short-tempered, lack of motivation, start to have bad luck, foggy intuition, feeling tired, and more. It can affect us in many ways.
When you are clear, energy flows better, you feel better, and you are ready to tackle each day with ease and grace.
Why do you need energy clearing each month?
As a spiritual practitioner, I clear my energy daily and weekly to keep me in the highest vibration to continue making magick and working with clients daily.
I always recommend my clients and customers have their energy cleansed on a routine basis for the best results. If you are already feeling the symptoms above, you are overdue!
For the average person, I recommend clearing monthly for energetic and spiritual hygiene. In our day-to-day life, we encounter a lot of other people's energy from work, our family members, arguments, even from going to the store and social media! 
Even if you are a spiritual practitioner, this session is great for you because we will go in deep, clear the lingering remnant energy and motivate so you can feel your best and continue working with the public in the best vibration!
Is group clearing as effective as my private sessions?
Yes, absolutely! I have done group clearing for years, and everyone has great results. To make the clearing even more thorough for exactly what you need, you can always write a list of what you want to clear each month and se the intention that is what is cleared off of you during the call.  
Will there be a replay available if something comes up and I miss the call?
Yes! It will be emailed to all of you. I always set the intention that the healing will work live and on replay.  
At the beginning of each session, I will go over current collective energy, and then I will guide all of you into meditation and use a mix of different energy techniques including Reiki to clear, cut cords, and align and clear the chakras.
How to prepare for the call?  
Dress comfy, have water next to you, and recommend to be in a place you won't be disturbed for the 90-minute call. Light a candle, some incense, prepare your space to be as relaxing as possible. Your monthly self-care experience!
Optional: You can prepare a list of intentions you want to have cleared during the call.
What do I clear during the call?
-Clear and Align/Balance the Chakras  
-The Aura  
-Evil Eye  
-Sluggish Energy
-Bad Luck
-Projections from others
-Collective energy that needs clearing
-And more! 

I will be intuitively guided during the call what to clear for who is on the call.
What is the purpose of the Revival part of the session?
-To limit the "detox" period after clearing/healing work
-So you are inspired and ready to make the most out of the month!
-You feel more energy
-You will feel inspired 
-You will feel a boost in your mood
What to expect during the call?
Each session will be different depending on what is needed. After the energy clearing, I will send boosts of energy to motivate all of you to feel positive, inspired, and ready to conquer your goals for the month!
During the session you will feel relaxed as I do all the clearing. You may have moments where you feel pulling, tension. Breathe through the energy and allow yourself to release.
After the session, honor your body for the next couple of days. Since I do give an energy boost, you should feel great the next day after the session, but as with all clearing, a spiritual detox can occur. You may feel tired, sluggish, emotional. Honor your body and energy levels if you feel any of these after effects. Drink plenty of water, rest, and journal if you feel a lot of emotions.
Energy cleansing is something I recommend on a routine basis for best results. When we don't keep our energy clear, we feel sluggish, foggy-minded, doors start to close. It messes with a lot more than you think. 
***$100 membership option. This is a monthly membership. A charge of $100 will occur every 30 days. There is no long-term commitment at this time. A cancellation must be submitted to support@lunamlove.com. A cancellation form MUST be submitted 7 days PRIOR to your next billing date. If you submit a cancellation request AFTER the 7 days notice, you will be billed for the following month, no exceptions. There are no refunds. By joining Goddess Energy Cleansing, you adhere to these guidelines and understand the terms and conditions.