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THE QUANTUM JUMP, 8-Week Program


The next installment in the Lunam Love journey is here.  I proudly present:


Follow me into the quantum realm where anything is possible.

The Quantum Jump is an 8-week journey into magick, healing, mindset expansion, energy shifts to jump into your desired timeline.

Get ready for a journey this summer!

Quantum jumping is not for the faint of heart.

Everything changes.

Everything around you changes

You change.

But this is what is needed to jump.

And it is so worth it.

In this 8-week journey, you will be guided and supported in every step of the process, from the jump, the rituals needed to support you, powerful discussions, energy upgrades, healing, release work, and more.


My energy has upgraded, my power, my magick, my words are at the next level.

I have seen it with myself in my own journey and also with clients, with customers.

I am more than ready and prepared to guide you in this journey.

I do not wish to keep this a secret.

I am your Priestess, and I am ready to lead.

For those truly ready to leap, no matter what, this course is for you.

I welcome you to The Quantum Jump.

 Why do you need support in a quantum leap?

When you align to your desired timeline, everything changes.

Sounds easy

...but there is so much to it.

People can (and most likely) will fall away.

Your mindset expands.  This hurts..not kidding.

Your surroundings change.

But it doesn't have to be hard, painful, or isolating.

The painful parts are just a part of the journey.  It is also incredibly exhilerating, empowering, rewarding, fun.

Trust me.  It is worth it. 

Every single step of the journey is worth it.

As you get used to navigating the jumps, you will want to go deeper and deeper, push the limits, take further jumps, see how far you can go in this lifetime.


What I wished more than ever during my personal leaps is support, a group of like-minded individuals who were also going through the journey so I can share everything.

That is why I created this program, not just for the powerful sessions but also for the community.  I don't want you to do this journey alone.

I will be along side you as well as a powerful group of others.

I set the strongest boundaries for my courses, and this course is no different.

I set the intention that only the best join so it is a safe space where you are heard, seen, and celebrated.

This journey is so worth it.

This course is for you if...

-you want to quantum leap and you don't even know where to start.

-you are an experienced practitioner or energy worker and ready to go deeper.

-you want to experience powerful magick in a group environment.

-you are ready to leap and do whatever it takes to make your dreams reality.

-you want to prove to yourself you can manifest.

-you love my programs.

What you will see after taking this course...

-an expanded mindset

-energy shifting in your life...fast

-what is orbiting around you is exactly what you have been manifesting.

-trust in yourself

-trust in the surrender

-trust in the process

-you will continue to evolve, shift, transform

-you will know exactly how to leap.


I make sure that every single part of my programs will uplevel you.

The discussions

The energy work

The magick

The rituals

The community

Why do my programs work?

I am always open and transparent about my journey, where I am at, what I have done, what I have helped clients with, and I hold nothing back.

I have seen my processes, my magick work over and over again applied to many different scenerios.

I channel these programs from my priestess self, higher self, my guides.

Why am I so passionate about teaching...

I reincarnated for this, to lead, to guide, to empower, to make BIG changes, BIG impact, and help others do the same.

I have dedicated my life for the past 12 years diving deep into my studies of magick, the occult, energy, healing, divination, human psyche and behavior, and more.

I love to teach what I have learned.

If you attend the classes and apply the teachings, I guarantee you will see results.

Deadline to sign up: Monday, June 26th, 2023

Program Begins: Thursday, June 29th, 2023

Program Ends: Thursday, August 17th, 2023

*Bonus call for PIF (1-Payment): Tuesday, July 11th, 2023

We will meet every Thursday evening from 6-8 pm PST

*If you miss a week, there will be replays sent via email.  They are just as powerful as watching live. 

You will have lifetime access to the recordings.  You can watch them any time you are guided to do so.  They will be a part of your Lunam Love library.

After signup, you will be granted access to a private FB group where we can all connect between calls.

8-Week Program

All classes are a mix of discussion, energy sessions, rituals, candle work, and tarot when divinely guided.

Candles will be lit for you weekly.

Homework will be given prior to Week 1. 

The journey begins.  I welcome everyone into this sacred container.  We introduce ourselves, share our goals, connect.

Quantum Jump discussion.

Energy Session: We enter the quantum realm and the jump begins.

A rebirth into your new timeline, how to navigate the unknown, how to navigate shadow when it comes up.  How to move through it quickly so you can calibrate quicker, leap with more efficiency.

Energy Session: Supportive healing session.  We will start the release work, release what is not aligned.  Mindset expansion.

Things are changing around you.  We will keep anchoring into what you want, the dream, the goals, your why. 

Energy Session: Dream Life Anchoring, Calibration

Surrender + Trust

You will cast your first ritual to aid you in this process.

Magick unlocked.  You don't have to navigate this jump as a normal person.

How to self-regulate, how to clear, how to heal, how to use intuition to navigate.

How to use magick to aid and navigate.

How to use tools to help you.

Energy Session: Energy Activation 

Money? Love? Power? 

What do you desire in your uplevel?

You are not alone. We discuss ritual work, connection with spiritual help, how to ask for their help.  Find out who is around you to assist.

Energy Session: Spell work and Quantum Leap 

The Tests

When we uplevel, we are tested and tested again.  They are seen as unfixable obstacles that not even magick or healing will touch.  Not true, however.  You just have to know the angle in which to cast and which to heal.

I will teach you how to find the right angles.

I will also be answering questions for all who have them this week.

Customized Spell Work


After Breakthrough there are major wins!

Wins on wins

Blessings on blessings


Champagne on Ice will be lit.  I see a lot of breakthrough in this call.  I feel so much joyous energy!

Energy Session: Celebration!


We connect. We share higlights of our journey, our breakthroughs, our wins.

I prepare you for the road beyond The Quantum Jump.

Energy Session: Intuitively Guided


(Shipping Included $177 Value)


Quantum Leap Candle

Quantum Leap Oil

**New Oil**

Ritual Supplies


Investment Options


Current pricing comes out to $102 a class.




This course is included in our VIP Year program.  Email me at kelly@lunamlove for full details.

Exclusive items included if Paid in Full (1 payment) $999:

There will be an extra 1-hour call!  It will be intuitively channeled for all of you who  are a part of it.  It will be held on Tuesday, July 11th at 6 pm PST.

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2nd payment:  Will be deducted 1 month later

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2nd payment:  Will be deducted 2 weeks later

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By purchasing partial payment option, you are obligated and are agreeing to pay all installments.
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Everyone's results will be different, and I will guide you and assist you through your journey.  If you have any questions, please email me at kelly@lunamlove.com


Reviews from my prior programs!

Before meeting Kelly, I had been in the healing industry for over 10+ years.  During that time though, I was rarely encouraged to step into my personal power and sovereignty as ME and honestly previous to meeting Kelly, I don't really think I knew HOW to do that, or how embody it in an authentic way that resonated with me. 
In retrospect, Kelly's program  supported me during a very spiritually vulnerable time of my life and Kelly's programs and products at a pivotal point in my spiritual journey, not by chance, but by Fate. 
Point blank: Kelly's programs and classes have been life-changing for me in really magical and positive ways!
Benefits I've noticed in working with Kelly and her programs (VIP Gateways, BWAs, Winner's Circle, and beyond!) 
 Kelly's programs keep my energetic coding consistently upgraded, so I don't slide back into that stagnant thinking or patterns, and keep my soul purpose at the forefront.  IMO, as a healer and business owner this is incredibly important as we continuously shift into the New Paradigm and Age of Aquarius as a collective. One of the many benefits of Kelly's programs is that the energetic upgrades she does in class are consistent and "ahead of schedule", so the upgrades and new coding one receives is aligned with what new energy is Incoming, keeping one a few steps ahead and prepared energetically. 
Before meeting Kelly, I was someone who used to break down and cry every time I had to create a social media post or make a live video, Now I have a renewed confidence in expressing myself on social media whether on youtube, making an instagram or writing a blog. Since joining Kelly's programs, I feel at a renewed peace with being Seen and Heard again. 
A renewed relationship with Surrender. Previous to Kelly's classes, I'd always be trying to figure things or plan, often frantically. Since joining Kelly's classes, I've renewed my sense of peace and surrender with the Divine Feminine. I have a renewed sense of peace and trust with myself and the Divine. 
Ease and joy accepting my energetic Bigness as it is and no longer hide it under a bushel like I did before. Now, I walk into rooms with confidence and ease vs. anxiety. 
A renewal in my Femininity and a renewed connection with my Vixen energy, which has been beneficial for my relationship with myself, my feminine empowerment, and not to mention romantic life! 
These are just a few of the benefits of noticed joining Kelly's healing programs. 
To conclude, the beauty of Kelly's programs is that they continuously build onto the next, however there are benefits all around whether one decides to do one or multiple back to back programs with Kelly. 
I feel very blessed to have found and had the opportunity to work with Kelly and Lunam Love, and highly recommend to anyone looking for that "missing ingredient" to tip one over the edge into the next phase of amazing and magical phase of their life- this is it! 
And because, I found so much benefit to Kelly's work, I began recommending my own clients to her as well! 

Reviews from my prior program Rise of the Goddess!