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THE VIP STARGATE, 2-Day Retreat in Joshua Tree


Dates: August 4th-6th

Location: Joshua Tree, CA

Check in: Friday, August 4th, by 11 a.m.

Check out: Sunday, August 6th by 11 a.m. 

I invite you to a weekend immersion into manifestation, magick, and uplevel!

August is full of SO much magick and so powerful for manifestation work!  There are 2 full moons, the first being August 1st, which opens up the August portal!  There is also the 8/8 portal, and we will be in Joshua Tree which is full of vortices of energy.

On August 4th we enter the stargate in meditation, and the manifestation journey begins.  We will be instantly emerged in the energy of the portal and this sacred manifestation container.

Since the 8/8 portal is the week we come back home, I will give instructions of what to do to continue the manifestation work after the retreat!

This will be an intimate powerful retreat!  There will be only 6 of us including myself.

This home has every amenity needed so we have the most magickal as well luxurious time during our manifestation weekend. There is a pool so bring you swimsuits!  The pool will be actually be part of a ritual since the first full moon in August is on the 1st so the water is charged by the full moon.  I love manifesting in water.  It is a conduit for energy.  The pool ritual will be under the night sky, and we will connect even deeper to the energy of vortex.

There are many vortices of energy in Joshua Tree, and I have heard the calling for a desert retreat since last summer.  There is so much magick ready to unfold!

Who is this retreat for?

-For those ready to go all in and manifest with this powerful energy

-This energy is so potent for money magick, wealth, and luxury manifestations

-This retreat has a lot of golden energy surrounding it so it is great to lift the mood, vitality, mental clarity

- For those who feel the calling to the power of this retreat. When I tap into the energy, I even feel ethereal beings connection.  This will be such a magickal experience.

This retreat is 2 days and 2 nights of magick, healing, activations, rituals, intention setting, luxury, community, and connection.

I welcome you into the Stargate.



What’s included in the price?

-Private Room

-Retreat activities





-Private Session with Kelly

-All meals 

-Lunam Love Retreat Materials

Only 1 Spots Available!



-Day 1-

Friday, August 4th

Be there no later than 11 am so we can start all the retreat activities!

Settle in, set intentions, and acquaint with one another.


2:22 Tarot Reading

3:33 pm first Stargate Activation

4:44 Meditation Integration


Intention Setting, ritual and manifestation Exercises Energy work

Sunset Healing Session, release scarcity, limiting thoughts and threads from the body


Pool Manifestation Ritual


-Day 2-  

Sunrise Meditation


11:11 Second Stargate Activation


Private Healing Sessions


Sunset Meditation



-Day 3-

Sunrise Mediation


Closing Ceremony




There may be more added as I am intuitively guided throughout the retreat.



Breakfast will include coffee, juice, fruit, an assortment of pastries, bagels, and yogurt

Lunch will include sandwiches/wraps, salad, and chips.

Dinner will be a mix of proein, greens, and grains

If you would like to bring any food either for yourself or to share, feel free to do so!  The kitchen is fully equipped.

*If you are Vegan or Vegetarian or have special dietary requirements, please email me.

The Retreat Home


The Bedrooms

 This is a 5-bedroom, 3 bath home

Amenities in the home:







Cooking Utensils

Coffee & Coffee Pot

Washer & Drier

And so much more!

Upon purchase of your retreat spot, you will be invited to a private FB group where we can already start connecting and counting down the days!

I am so excited for our journey!


Refund Policy: No refunds unless retreat is canceled.
Please email me if you have any questions.