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Goddess Glow Ritual Soap

This beauty bar brings out your beautiful goddess glow! This soap is both for face and body. It is made to work with your goddess energy, within and without. Made with skin-nourishing ingredients.

The base is the moisturizing and natural coconut milk with rose kaolin clay, ground organic oatmeal and the essential oils of lavender, chamomile, tangerine, ylang ylang, and sandalwood. The benefits of each are listed below.

Rose Kaolin Clay ~ This luxurious clay adds some gentle exfoliating and polishing properties to the mask, helping to remove impurities and bring out a newer, younger-looking complexion.

Lavender ~ Treats acne, psoriasis, eczema, and wrinkles, helps form scar tissues, which may be essential in healing wounds

Chamomile ~ Good for treating acne and eczema, calms skin irritation, moisturizing, hydrating, adds a radiance to your skin.

Tangerine ~ Antiseptic properties (kills bacteria) to heal and prevent blemishes.

Ylang Ylang ~ Reduces inflammation, treats eczema, antiseptic properties (kills bacteria) to heal and prevent blemishes

Sandalwood ~ Soothes and softens skins, heals scars, reduces inflammation, antiseptic.

Oatmeal ~ Heals skin ailments, moisturizing by removing dead skin cells (gentle exfoliant), reduces skin irritation and inflammation

Coconut milk ~ Coconut milk has high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin. It is also rich in copper, and prevents wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.

I add Reiki energy as well as channel Goddess energy into this blend.

Each listing is for one bar

*safe to use during pregnancy

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