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Universe, Show me how good it Gets! Spray

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Sweeten up the energy with Sweet Love!  Spray on yourself or in the room.  This blend promotes compassion, empathy, love, and romance. The energy of this blend is similar to the feelings you get with a new love, sweet and loving (before you know someone's bad side ha!)   

Different uses and intentions:

-To spice up energy, spray after applying Fire of Love or Lunam Lust  body oil. 

-For Kuan Yin, Divine Feminine energy, spray after applying Queen of Water or Sacred Feminine Body Oil

-For sweet and spicy vibes, spray after applying Vixen body oil.

-Spray on self after the shower

-Spray in the room after cleaning

-Spray on bed linens

Scent: Strawberry

2 oz

Shake before use


Ingredients: Grain free perfumers alcohol, Essential Oil blend, Phthalate-free Fragrance oil blend, Crystal Quartz, Magick, Reiki, and Intention

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