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Vortex Body Oil

This oil can be used in a variety of different ways and for many uses. It is a strong cleansing oil to pull out negativity. It pulls out energy from the energetic and physical body. Shake the bottle before each use to activate the vortex energy within each oil.   You can use it as a body oil on the spots of the body that need energy pulled out of and to clear chakras. 

To apply to the body, rub between the palms and apply to the part of the body that needs cleansing.  If you feel a lot of heavy energy throughout the body, be sure to also apply it to the bottoms of the feet before bed so energy can be pulled out while you sleep. 

It can also be used in on ritual candles.  You can add a couple drops to your bath. Use your intuition how to use this oil.  It can be used many other ways than listed here.

To use on children, apply a small amount to the bottom of the feet and a little on the back of the neck.

Made in ritual and infused with magick, intention, and reiki energy. 

Scent profile: Unscented

Coconut Oil

2 oz



Discontinue use if irritation occurs. 

For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed. 

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