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222 Body Oil

-Numeric Collection-

222 is the next oil in our numeric oil collection.

222 is a number of balance.  It is a number that represents the connection to the ethereal as well as Earth simultaneously.

You are the center of that energy.  When connected to both energies, blessings flow to you.  You are balanced.  You are at peace. You are here in this moment.

You are the center of the two polarities of energy, and you are the gateway for manifestation to happen in the physical realm.

This oil also connects to the art of receiving.  You are heart is full of gratitude, and you are receiving because you are in alignment.

I was drawn to add a Tree of Life symbol on the label to add to the magick of the blend.  The Tree of Life represents the connection of the heavens and Earth,

The Tree of Life connects to peace.

It also connects to the energy of duality and also wisdom.

It connects to the cycle of rebirth and immortality.

Using this oil will help balance your energy and help you feel at peace.  You will be connected to the present moment.  You will feel less stressed.

This oil will enhances your personal magick, your manifestations, and bring balance to the mind, body, and spirit.

Scent Profile: Jasmine & Apricot

2 oz

Ingredients: Coconut oil, essential oil and essence oil blend, mica powder, herb blend, crystals

Discontinue body use if irritation occurs

For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed

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