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Heart Healing Ritual Glass Candle, 16 oz

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This candle will help heal the heart chakra. You will delve deep into your heart center and heal from the roots. If you are looking for a quick fix, this isn't the candle for you. Cry with intention, release the pain, unravel the trauma, and transform. We are in Pluto retrograde so it is all about death and transformation. We don't have to keep going in the same toxic loops. You will feel the intensity of each session but then the grounding and soothing energy will take over until your next session. 

Topped with a Heartbreak healing blend and an apache tear stone. The herbs in this blend are for self love, soothing the pain, grounding, to remember your worth and individual beauty and to finally break through the cycle.

Filled with magick, intention, and Reiki healing energy.

Great to light during personal healing and meditation.

Scent profile: Rose and Clove, smells spicy, deep, and mysterious

16 oz
Coconut Wax

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