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How To Interpret Your Candles

February 02, 2021

How To Interpret Your Candles

Hello everyone! We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to interpret your candles as they burn so we decided that it was time to put out a blog post to help you out! 

First, a couple of practical tips:


This is especially important in the case of our hand poured ritual glass candles, including the Wealth candle. Some of these shouldn’t burn for more than 3 hours at a time as this creates issues with wax pooling. It’s also important to read the label in general for fire safety reasons. 

Trim your wicks!

This helps ensure a better burn for your candle and more accurate candle readings. 

Keep your candles in an area where it will remain undisturbed by a draft, fan, open windows, etc. 

Now, onto the breakdown of candle interpretation. This is a good overview but we do recommend doing more research on your own, as well as keeping track of how your candles burn. We will begin with candle flames as they are the most asked about part of candle burning and then go into the glass itself. 

Candle Flames:

High Candle Flame 

If your candle flame is high then your spellwork is powerful and meeting little resistance. Regardless of whether or not the high candle flame is calm or active, there are spirits, guides, ancestors, or deities that are there to help you in your working. 

Low Candle Flame

If the candle flame is low then there is a lot of resistance to your working and a cleansing or banishing is needed.

Crackling/Popping Candle Flame 

This depends on your intention and on your target (if the target is someone other than you). If the target is you, then spirits, guides, ancestors, or deities may want to communicate with you. If the target is someone other than you, then that person may be talking about you. 

Flickering Candle Flame 

If this is followed by a crackling or popping sound then it is someone trying to communicate with you (see above). If this candle is to honor a deity or spirit then you have successfully made contact and that deity or spirit will hear your prayer or petitions. 

Candle that refuses to go out 

If the candle doesn’t go out or turns back on after putting it out then the energies around that candle do not want you to put it out. It may be due to the working being in a critical phase which is why the energies don’t want interruptions. However, if you are not comfortable leaving the candle on, you can ask the spirits to protect your candle, then ask for permission to put out the candle. 

Candles that go out while burning 

When this happens, that means that the answer you seek has already been determined and that the energies you are working with cannot help you in this matter. 

Candle refuses to light 

If this happens then this means that this working will not work and you need to do another kind of spell to achieve the results you want. 


Soot that does NOT go all the way down the glass/only halfway

This means that while there was resistance or negative influences during the burning, they have been removed. 

Soot that goes down the entire length of the glass 

 Your working has been blocked and more work needs to be done. This could be due to negative energies/influences, as well as more obstacles. 

Soot at the bottom of the candle 

This is a warning sign. Negative energies/influences are being sent your way. This can be the case if someone is being envious of you so be prepared to cleanse and protect yourself and your space. 


Cracks but doesn’t break 

When this happens it means that there was resistance or opposition that was stopped or broken.