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666 Body Oil

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-Numeric Collection-


666 has been often demonized throughout history, but it is a number of balance, as it is halfway between 333 and 999. 666 represents us on the Earthly realm.  It is balance, living life here in the 3D and making the best of it.

The number 666 encourages you to refocus on the spiritual, especially if you have been wrapped up and weighed down by the physical realm and have been disconnected from your spiritual path, leading to imbalance, feeling stuck, or as if you are in a never ending rut. 

This oil helps you to reconnect with the spiritual realm and your guides so that balance can be restored. You are of the physical realm AND the spiritual realm, and both connections are important and need to be tended to. This oil is the extended hand of the spiritual realm, encouraging you to take it to break free from where you feel stuck and reclaim your spiritual power. 

Different uses for our ritual oils:

- Use as a ritual oil to add intentions to candles and spells

- As a massage oil

-In place of a lotion

-Apply to ends of hair

-Add a couple drops to a ritual bath


Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention and specific energy.


Scent: Peach & Plumeria

Coconut Oil

Mica Powder

2 oz

Ingredients: Coconut oil, mica powder, perfumer's grade phthalate-free fragrance, herbal blend, crystals, energy-infused 

Discontinue body use if irritation occurs

For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed

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