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Soul Matrix Recoding Ritual Glass Candle

Our matrix coding is what keeps us in certain patterns, mindsets, and stops us from reaching certain levels of success. Once we break free, we have the freedom to design the life that we want and know without a doubt that it is entirely in our control. 

This candle recodes the matrix and breaks through glass ceilings in your mind about what you think you can accomplish. It will recode a lack mindset to a wealth mindset.  

Use this candle in ritual or meditation.  In meditation, light the candle and set the intention of allowing yourself to be recoded for your best and highest potential.  In ritual, set this candle up how you would set up any other spell, raising power, calling in your guides, salt ring, however you usually cast. MAKE SURE TO CRUSH THE POMEGRANATE FLOWER ONTO THE CANDLE BEFORE LIGHTING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME!  We highly recommend not letting this candle burn for more than 3 hours at a time. 

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