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DESIRE VORTEX, 6-Week Program




We have gone through gateways.  Now is the time to enter the vortex.

The DESIRE VORTEX is 6 weeks of magick, energy activations, healing, manifestation, and recoding.  There will be A LOT of energy work in this journey!

For those who love my energy sessions, this program is for you! 

Ready to dive into primal desire energy?

Over 6 weeks, primal desire codes will be unlocked within your body so you can tap into true DESIRE.

When you tap into primal desire energy, it is instinctual, and you will be able to manifest and get what you want without obstacles.

You bypass your subconscious, and you are able to recode your mind and body.

Most of us are in survival mode and just living each day with day in, day out only to wake up and do it again.  It is time to change that. 

What are you manifesting with desire?

What do you desire?







What is the Desire Vortex?

The only way to change your outer world is through your inner energetics.  You will dive into yourself and then you will enter the vortex.

The energy of desire is primal.  Allowing your body to dive deep into desire, you will bypass the subconscious and recode.

DESIRE is life force. 
DESIRE is powerful.
DESIRE feels good.
DESIRE is sexy.
You will connect deeper to your Divine Feminine
Live a life that feels deeply aligned on every level.  And if you will learn how to control it and shift energy.

This is DESIRE. 

Ready to:

Feel safe in your power.

Allow yourself to be seen.

Allow yourself to be heard.

Allow yourself to take up space.

Lasting changes happen when you recode with DESIRE.

Out of survival, into power.

Recode those limiting patterns.

How you manifest, how you attract will change.

Connecting to Desire unlocks what was out of reach.  You have no doubts.  You have no fears.  You connect to what you want.

DESIRE VORTEX is for those ready to dive deeper into self-transformation and ready to remove more obstacles in pursuit of their desires. 

Continue to harness the energy of 2023

This course is ideal for those: 

-ready to tap into their primal desire energy to leave survival mode and enjoy life

-ready to learn how to manifest with desire

-ready to uplevel their energy, unlock more codes

-learn new energy techniques

-ready to connect deeper to the Divine Feminine and powerhouse goddesses


 What you changes you will see after taking this course:

-You will notice shifts as soon as Week 1!

-Your manifestations will be stronger

-You will know how to infuse each day with desire

-You will know how to manifest with desire

-You will feel a noticeable shift in your energy

-You will feel your mindset shifted

-You will see your magick stronger

*This program is open to everyone.  No class pre-requisites required. You do not need to have any psychic ability or magickal ability as a prerequisite. 

Community | Support | Connection

Lunam Love programs are about community, support, and connection.  You level up in the right company. 

In the DESIRE VORTEX, you will level up from the discussions, the energy upgrades, the magick, and also the community!

We go through this journey together, celebrate our wins, support each other through our uplevel, and most of all, we TRANSFORM

I create a safe an supportive space within my programs and classes.

Every program is a unique experience, full of transformation, mindset shifts,  and energetic upgrades.

My mission in this life is to empower those around through mindset, healing, and magick!

I love what I do.  You will see shifts in my programs and courses. I guarantee it!

Deadline to sign up: Wednesday, March 15th, 2023

Program Starts: Friday, March 17th , 2023

Program Ends: Friday, April 24th, 2023

*Bonus call for PIF, Wednesday, March 22, 2023

We will meet once a week via Zoom every Friday evening from 6-8 pm PST
If you miss a week, there will be a replays sent via email. They are just as powerful as watching live. You can also rewatch them any time you feel guided to do so. 
After signup, you will be given access to a Private FB Group as well where you can connect to others in the group.
All video links will be emailed to you for lifetime access.
6-Week Program
All classes are a mix of discussion, tarot (when divinely guided), candle work, and energy sessions.
Held via Zoom!

Introductions, we all get to know each other, connect, share your stories, your goals, and what called you to the Desire Vortex. 


Energy Session: We enter the vortex and the primal codes within the body activate.

Primal Desire Codes Activation #1



Subconscious recoding

Energy Session: The recoding begins.


Primal Desire Codes Activation #2


This week the body coding will be recoded and upgraded. 

There is a lot of healing in this session.  We are releasing pains and tension in the body!


Primal Desire Codes Activation #3


I will teach you how to channel the desire energy that has been unlocked to manifest, for attraction, love, sex, passion, etc.  I will also be teaching you how to be very creative with this energy in love and passion.


Chaos magick and sex magick.


This class will be a guided meditation, teaching, and channeling practice.  

Energetic expansion, take up space and be seen, heard, and respected!  You will be exalted on this call.  A lot of power coming through strongly this week!


Energy Session: Enthroned, soul exaltation.


Time to dive deep into desire, your magick and cast a spell!  All of you will love the candles I am creating for this spell.

No spell experience necessary.

Value: $170
Desire Candle
Desire Body Oil

New Oil!

New Spray!

Spell Kit

Already have our Desire candle and oil?  You will need another!  You will be using it each week!

Investment Options





Exclusive items included if Paid in Full (1 payment) $999:
Access to an extra call!  It will be a divinely guided energy/spell session for all of you!
Extra call date: Wednesday, March 22nd, 6 pm PST

I can't wait to begin this journey with you!

Partial payment Information
All payment plans will be processed through Moonclerk and will be automatically deducted on specified time listed at checkout.
2 Payments of $555.50:
1st payment: Paid at time of checkout.
2nd payment:  Will be deducted one month later
3 Payments of $407:
1st payment: Paid at time of checkout.
2nd payment:  Will be deducted 2 weeks later
3rd payment: Will be deducted 2 weeks after Payment #2
By purchasing partial payment option, you are obligated and are agreeing to pay all installments.
Everyone's results will be different, and I will guide you and assist you through your journey.  If you have any questions, please email me at kelly@lunamlove.com



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