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Discover Your Power - Private Zoom Event - Part 2!

A FREE Zoom Experience to Discover Your Power!

Friday, June 3rd, 6:00 pm PST


Second round of Discover Your Power!

The first round was so powerful, and so many of you have been asking if I am hosting another one!  Here it is!  Spots go quickly!

Have you ever wondered where your power originates from, what healing abilities are waiting to be unlocked, where your magick comes from, and if you even have healing abilities?

Our healing and magickal abilities come from many places including our past lives, ancestral lineage, cultures and pantheon we are connected to, where we are at in our healing journey (what is ready to be unlocked), and where our soul originates from.   I have seen many worlds and the most fascinating visions every time I discover a client's soul and power origins.

Examples of Different Power Origins

Light Families
Specific pantheon and deities
Past lives as a High Priestess or High Priest
Alien Past Lives


Once you discover your power origin, you will feel something unlock in your soul, a remembrance.  It can be emotional, exhilarating, create a longing with you to remember who you are.  Once you discover where you come from, then the fun part comes.  What abilities do you have, how do you access them and develop them?  What changes do your abilities create?

That is what we do in Awaken Your Power.  I will be going over the activations, the course, and all the details.

This round is a bit different!  I will guide you all through a meditation, and I will be channeling up to 10 people on this call.

We are going to have a couple raffles, so be sure to join live!  It's going to be a fun and magickal Friday evening!

We are going to other worlds!

See you there!

This is a group event.

This call will be recorded.  The replay will be posted in our FB Group.

Lunam Love FB Group

See you there!

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