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GODDESS & CEO, 2-Day Retreat in Joshua Tree

Dates: May 25th - May 27th

Location: Joshua Tree, CA

Check in: Saturday, May 25th by 10 am

Check out: Monday, May 27th by 11 am

Hosts: Kelly Rayos, Founder and CEO of Lunam Love


Erika Estudillo, MBA, Founding Member of NowUs Foundation


We invite you to a deeply healing magickal weekend of community connection, mindset, and business uplevel!

This retreat will be to, first and foremost, honor and nurture the goddess within, connect with like-minded individuals, and also to strengthen your mind and your skills as the CEO of your business.

We will have powerful discussions, meditations, and transformative 1:1 sessions.

You are a Goddess and CEO.  Honor and strengthen both sides of yourself, and you will be an unstoppable, powerful force in your business.

This retreat is a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energetics of business, and the itinerary is infused with magick and healing. We decided to host this experience in Joshua Tree because of its beauty, magick, and many vortices! We will connect with that raw power throughout the entire weekend.


There will be two hosts at this retreat.

Kelly will be going over energetics, diving deep into the mindset of a successful CEO and how to embody your highest potential.  She will go over how to heal deep-rooted wounds that cap your growth.  Kelly will teach you how to become a leader in your industry and feel worthy of it!  She will be channeling messages from Spirit and each of your guides.

Erika, with her professional training, background, and as founder of her non-profit organization, she will be guiding you in ways to shape and structure your business for growth and sustainability.  She will also guide you through what available opportunities there are that can assist you in its growth.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat was designed and created for women business owners of any industry.

I welcome you to the Goddess & CEO Retreat!



($2,777 for private room)

What’s included in the price?


-Retreat activities





-1:1 Energetic Session with Kelly

-1:1 Session with Erika

-All meals 

-Lunam Love Retreat Materials


If you need a payment plan, please email me, and I can set it up for you!


This retreat will be specifically designed for those that sign up for it.  You will be emailed a questionnaire to fill out so we can plan out our discussions, presentations, and 1:1 sessions so they are geared specifically for those in the group.


-Day 1-

Saturday, May 25th

Plan to arrive no later than 10 am so we can start all the retreat activities!

Settle into your rooms

Introduce yourself and your business, share goals and intentions

Meditation to disconnect from the stress and connect with your guides, and immerse deeply into yourself and the retreat


CEO embodiment discussion from an energetic and business standpoint 

CEO embodiment meditation


Mission Statements & Business Forecasts

Sales Strategies from an energetic and business standpoint


Sunset Meditation


-Day 2-

Sunday, May 26th 

Sunrise Meditation


Private 1:1 Sessions


Private 1:1 Sessions 

Formal Business Dinner (Dress in business attire)





-Day 3-

Monday, May 27th

Sunrise Mediation


Closing Ceremony




All food, drinks, and snacks are provided!

Breakfast will include coffee, juice, fruit, eggs, an assortment of pastries, bagels, and yogurt

Lunch will include sandwiches/wraps, salad, and chips.

Dinner will be a mix of protein, greens, and grains

If you would like to bring any food either for yourself or to share, feel free to do so!  The kitchen is fully equipped.

*If you are Vegan or Vegetarian or have special dietary requirements, please email me, so I can purchase options that suit your dietary needs.

The Retreat Home

This home has every amenity needed so we have the most transformational and magickal weekend. The temperature will be in the 80s so bring your swimsuit so we can use the pool!  We will also use the jacuzzi at night for socializing and stargazing!


The Bedrooms


About Your Hosts

Kelly Rayos

Always having an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for business, Kelly founded Lunam Love in 2014 from the humble beginnings of her kitchen.  Kelly has built her manufacturing and service-based company from the ground up, and the company is currently valued at 9 million. She focuses on being a community leader and being an inspiration for future entrepreneurs.  Kelly believes in empowering individuals at a personal and spiritual level to embody their highest potential to make their dreams a reality.

Erika Estudillo, MBA

Born and raised in Mexico City. Erika comes from a family of women entrepreneurs who migrated to the U.S. in 2000, facing many roadblocks as newcomers to the country. Erika understands the unique challenges that women face in starting and developing their  businesses. Inspiring her to bring her passion for equity and equality for women, she founded NowUs. As a transformational leader, Erika's purpose is to empower others to find true meaning in their work and their lives.

Erika has graduated from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School with her MBA and will continue to serve her mission and lead her entrepreneurial endeavors with mastery.


Upon purchase of your retreat spot, you will be invited to a private FB group where we can start connecting and counting down the days!

I am so excited for our journey!


Refund Policy: No refunds unless retreat is canceled.
Please email me if you have any questions.