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Manifestation Experience - Private Zoom Event

A FREE Zoom event to learn all about manifestation!

Thursday, July 28th

5:30 pm PST


You know you have the heard the term a ton of times, but do you know what manifestation truly is? And also what it is from an energetic and magickal perspective?

Well, we are going to go into all things manifestation in this free Zoom class.



Manifestation Meditation


We will be diving deep into:

-what manifestation is

-the energy and magick of manifestation

-the power of manifestation

-different ways to manifest

-magick & manifestation

-what is possible with manifestation

-what can block manifestations

-stories about manifestation and how to develop your manifeststion skills

We will also be going into how manifestation plays a part in the VIP Gateway, what the 7 weeks of the Gateway hold, and if the Gateway is right for you.

See you there!

This is a group event.

This call will be recorded.  The replay will be posted in our FB Group.

Lunam Love FB Group

See you there!


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