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You are invited to The Wealthy Witch, free Zoom Experience.

Date: Tuesday, July 19th, 2023

Time: 7:00 pm PST

This 75-minute call will have a powerful discussion, tarot, and meditation, and a releasing fear ceremony so you can start to create the pathway for wealth.

A common witch wound is scarcity.  The word "witch" and "wealth" usually are not said in the same sentence.  We have been hidden and persecuted for centuries and lifetimes, and we we were in pure survival mode, not in generational wealth building.

Some have healed this wound, broken through the glass ceiling, and stepped into riches.

Unfortunately many haven't.

But the times are changing, energy is getting stronger, and many more are able to do so.

There is a movement happening.

We have magick flowing within us and magick and healing accessible to us. It is time to step into your Wealthy Witch era!

I know a lot of you are still in an envirornment where you need to hide your magick and even declaring yourself as a "witch" is scary enough.  But you don't have to declare to the world you are a witch.  I'll explain on the call.

It is time to heal and rewrite this wound.

It is OUR era to be in our power, our magnetism, and be as rich as we want to be.

This call will bring awareness, begin prep work by releasing fear, that will lead to healing this wound.

I guarntee you will want to reclaim your full unfiltered power, and you will feel on fire after this call!

See you Tuesday.

You must RSVP to this event and join live.