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Evil Eye Protection Candle, Glass, Mal Ojo

Sweet | Woodsy

This candle protects from the Evil Eye, banishes unwanted energy, and raises the vibration of the space it is burned in. Light this candle a few hours daily to keep the Evil Eye away. 

The Evil Eye can be sent to someone via envy, an evil glare, hate, and even just having too many eyes on a person can cause a person to be afflicted with the Evil Eye. 

Effects of the Evil Eye are bad luck, fatigue, bad dreams, brain fog, sudden sickness, etc. 

There are a variety of ways to clear the Evil Eye. I recommend our cleansing bath products, Aura Cleansing scrub and Purification soap. You can also do a purification and cleansing candle ritual, perform an egg limpia, etc. 

To customize the intention, hold the candle in your hands and focus your thoughts on the shift you want to see or add an intentiom letter or petition underneath the candle. 

Magick | Intention | Reiki 

16 oz

Coconut wax 

Use fire safety when burning candles. 

Do not leave unattended. 

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