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Breaking Chains of Poverty

December 04, 2018

Breaking Chains of Poverty

I learned about breaking chains of poverty a few years back from a mentor of mine.  It literally changed my life, and it is so simple to do!

If you feel you cannot get ahead in finances and anytime you do go forward, you snap right back to where you were, I recommend breaking chains of poverty.  These chains can follow you from past lives.  They no longer serve you.  There is so much power in spoken word, so breaking chains is as easy as saying this three times or as many times as needed. You will feel the energetic shift.  Things will change.

“I rescind and revoke all vows of poverty in this and all lifetimes and in all time and space.  From this moment forward, I am open to receiving abundance of all forms.  By the power of three, so be it!”