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Money Manifestation Box

March 09, 2022

Money Manifestation Box

Thank you to everyone who purchased the Money Manifestation Box!

I hope everyone enjoys it!


Affirmation Card

Money Drawing Candle

Universe is my Sugar Daddy Candle

Money Magnet Ritual Body Oil

Money Drawing Ritual Candle

Spoil Me Ritual Candle

Dream Life Ritual Candle

Medieval Money Talisman

Fast Money Incense


Affirmation Card- The affirmation card was picked intuitively just for you.


Money Drawing Candle- The energy of prosperity and abundance is flowing all around us. There is no reason we should live in scarcity. These candles help draw that energy to you and your life. They can be used for an increase in money flow, increase in savings, new opportunities that open doors to better finances, prosperity, success, abundance, wealth, new employment, and financial gain. They are made with potent prosperity herbs and oils and charged with energy and intentions. They are made with highly effective essential oils, herbs and money drawing energy.

Universe is my Sugar Daddy Candle- The Universe is your Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mama, whichever term you prefer! The Universe wants to spoil you with everything you need, want, and desire! You are so loved and adored by the Universe. It’s time to allow yourself to see how special and VIP you are. Blessings are coming.

Hold the candle in both hands, express your gratitude for the generosity and loving energy of the Universe. Sit in the energy for a few moments and then speak what you want into the candle. You can also write a letter and place it underneath while it burns. Burn 2-3 hours a time.

*I used this candle during a client's session, and we had a full conversation with the Universe.  We got answers to any questions we asked and were shown frequencies.  Talk about an amazing experience.  

Money Magnet Ritual Body Oil- This body oil will help you become a magnet for money. Filled with money-drawing herbs, and it is scented with honey so that you attract money, money wants to be in your energy, and it flows nonstop to you.

Suggested affirmations:


Money flows to me in abundance.”

Money wants to be in my energy.”

Money is magnetized to me.”

Money is magnetized to my business.”

Money flows to me with ease.”


You can do three different spells with the ritual candles. You can set them up on a plate with one of the glass candles, alone, or in combination with other spell candles.  Get creative!


Money Drawing Ritual Candle (Green Candle) - Burn this candle to bring money! Be specific with your intentions before burning.


Spoil Me Ritual Candle- (Pink Candle) Want to be spoiled by those you love or be surprised by coworkers? Set your intentions with this candle. Have fun with it!


Dream Life Ritual Candle- (Purple) Let the soft scent of the candle drift you away to visions of your dream life. When you envision your dream life, what does it look like? How do you feel? Who is around you? These candles are infused with magick, energy, and intention to help you bring that dream life to reality.

To customize the intention, hold the candle in your hands before lighting and focus your thoughts on the shift you want to see. You can also place an intention letter, photos that connect to our dream life, money, etc. under the candle as it burns.

Medieval Money Talisman- These talismans were cleansed and programmed and ready to wear. This is a potent Magical Talisman since Medieval times, this symbol has been used for millennia to Assure Wealth and Success. The design consists of 4 Protective Tao Crosses guarding the 4 Cardinal points: North, South, East, and West. Inside these Crosses is the Powerful Symbol AGLA which are the first letters of the Latin phrase meaning "Thou Art Mighty Forever, O Lord." These symbols combine to assure the bearer Unlimited Success and Money! You can wear this talisman, keep it on your altar, or keep it in your wallet.

Fast money Incense- (corked jar with green powder) Light this incense to bring money quickly. For extra potency, light a money drawing candle alongside it.

How to use: light charcoal on heat-resistant cauldron or pot. Sprinkle green incense on charcoal. As it burns, add more. Be careful. Charcoal is hot. Wait until completely burned before discarding.