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Sugar Baby Ritual Spray

The Sugar Baby Spray goes hand in hand with the Universe is My Sugar Daddy candle, although, the spray does not have to be used with the candle. Sugar Baby makes you feel like its name, a Sugar Baby. It helps you get into that spoiled energy so that you can get what you want. From a healing standpoint, it helps you be open to receiving. 

Just like the body oil version, this spray does have real money floating in the bottle along with crystals that support the intention of the spray. 

You can begin your day in such a magical way using Sugar Baby in combination with many other body oils from our line. You can use it with Luxurious Life, Millionaire Mindset, Money Magnet, or Shatter the Ceilings, and finish it off by spraying Sugar Baby over your aura. You can continue spraying yourself throughout the day as you feel called to. 

Sugar Baby can also be used in your room or throughout your home. This will create a very happy, comforting, and inviting energy in your home. We cannot forget that our homes need love too!!! The spaces we spend most of our time in, like the home and the office need to feel that shift in energy just like we do as well. 

Scent: Lotus & Lemon Verbena

2 oz

Shake before use


Ingredients: Grain free perfumers alcohol, Essential Oil blend, Phthalate-free Fragrance oil blend, Crystal Quartz, Magick, Reiki, and Intention

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