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Release the F*cks Spray

 Release the F*cks is for when you feel too much and have to release some of it from your body...to function,  to feel better, to do your job, etc.

Releasing the f*cks doesn't mean you don't care, but you don't have to hold it in your body either. It lessens the intensity big time. You elk still be able to feel,  just within a manageable range.

Who this product can help:

✨️ Those who feel emotions too intensely

✨️ Children who feel big emptiness. You can take the label off so they don't read the word. Lol
✨️ Those who care too much and absorb others energy.
✨️ Spiritual healers and readers that want to stay neutral in readings and sessions.
✨️ If you are stressed out and have to  in your job and show that you are okay.
✨️ Those in intense jobs, nurses, legal field, teachers, hospice workers, etc.
✨️ Those going through a breakup, heavy life transition.

Difference between the spray and candle:

Quick fix. Carry it in your bag and use a needed, when you need to release the f*cks.

Candle 🕯
If this is an ongoing issue for you,  use the candle. Light it in a ritual, meditate with it,  and envision your excess emotions going into the wax. Light daily until you feel better. But use in ritual only for best results.  Bath rituals at great for this candle.

 Scent: Grapefruit & Ivy

2 oz

Shake before use

Ingredients: Grain free perfumers alcohol, Essential Oil blend, Phthalate-free Fragrance oil blend, Crystals 

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