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Uncrossing Ritual Glass Candle

Light this candle to remove all crossed conditions from self, the home, a relationship, etc. This candle is a mix of purification and jinx breaking herbs and oils. Crossed conditions are when you don't see movement in situations, have bad luck, doors closing for you, confusion, etc. 

A crossed condition can be sent form someone directly or you can technically cross yourself with negative talk, etc. This candle covers all bases and removes those conditions.

For an even more powerful combo, use this candle alongside Remove Obstacles glass candle. 

I recommend to follow up with a protection spell or candle after uncrossing work and a blessing or positive energy type of candle to bring in good energy ager energy is cleared. 

This candle can be burned alone or as part of a spell to remove obstacles that would interfere with manifestation. This candle was made in ritual and infused with magick, Reiki, intention, herbs, oils, and a charged crystal quartz.

To further strengthen your candle, have your intention in mind, hold your candle and envision your intentions flowing into the wax. You can also add a letter underneath your candle, a photo, etc. You can also write on the glass to further personalize your spell. Take notes of how your candle burns, soot left on the glass, and any popping you hear. They are all spiritual signs.

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