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February 20, 2022


Zodiac Signs & Their Magic


(The Water Bearer)

January 20-February 18

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Polarity: Positive

Planetary Ruler: Saturn & Uranus

Positive Qualities: Humanitarian, Progress, Cooperation, Diplomacy, Science, Universality 

Negative Qualities: Impracticality, Underevaluation of Personal Friendship, Dictatorship

Key Phrase: “I Know”

Tarot Card: The Star 


Aquarians are known to be friendly and generous. Known for their humanitarian qualities, Aquarians care deeply for the welfare of others and for society in general and will take action against oppression.  However, they can also be emotionally guarded and distant, often feeling like outsiders among the people around them.

As a fixed sign, they embody the energy of their season, Winter, which is part of the reason why people may pick up on their emotional distance and coolness. As people who embody this season, Aquarians will do a lot of observation and also have a lot happening behind the scenes, especially when it comes to new projects and new insights about the world around them. They will be very dedicated to their projects and to their social principals. 

Positive Qualities:

Adventurous, Aquarians like to experience new things and can bring introverted people out of their shells. It’s easy for them to make connections and will be part of multiple social groups. They’re empathetic nature makes them great at giving advice and also generous with the people they care about when they are in need. 

Negative Qualities: 

Their tendency to focus on others rather than themselves can lead to them being taken advantage of. They can also get bored very easily if they are not stimulated enough, and may be filled with anxious energy when that happens. 

Aquarius & Relationships:

Freedom is important to Aquarians in any relationship, and just as they need their freedom they will also be just as giving of that freedom to the people they are in relationships with and will rarely get jealous. 

Their emotionally guarded nature leads to difficulty to committing to romantic relationships. However once they commit they tend to be very loyal and will be more emotionally open with their partners. In Relationships they desire intellectual stimulation and friendship. 

Aquarius & Work: 

Because of their ease in making connections with different types of people and because of their hard working natures, Aquarians can have successful careers and can be an asset to any working team. They do well in jobs that appeal to their humanitarian nature and work best in teams, especially where they are in a position of leadership. 

Aquarius Correspondences: 


Garnet-this crystal is protective, and helps create a psychic shield against negative energies and attachments. It also aids in creating success in business. Garnet is also a symbol of love, compassion, truth, and purity. 

Amethyst-this crystal is spiritually protective and also opens up your crown chakra to help you connect with your spirit team and spiritual gifts. It also protects against nightmares and eases stress and anxiety. 

Clear Quartz-this all purpose crystal is excellent for enhancing the energies of any crystals paired with it and can be programmed for any intention.

Amber-this is a protective and healing crystal, and can be used to dispel negative energies and provide protection, especially for children. It is especially helpful for healers when they are extracting negative links and entities from their patient’s aura. Amber can also be used to enhance your charm and attract lasting love. 

Angelite-a crystal associated with angelic energies, angelite help you connect and work with these entities, making this a powerful ally when channeling these energies during a healing session. This crystal is also associated with healing and bringing energies of tranquility into a space. 

Crystal Workings: 

-Creating a crystal grid with any or all of these crystals 

-Blessing a piece of crystal jewelry

-Pairing these crystals with any magickal workings or working with them on your birthday 


Lavender-this herb is used widely for purification, protection, bringing peaceful energies into the home, soothing troubled hearts, and for connecting with goddesses such as Hekate. It can be used for inspiration and for communication. 

Kava Kava-this herb is good for helping you relax and helps promote a restful sleep. 

Peppermint- this herb is associated with healing, purification, and prosperity. 

Myrrh-this resin can be burned for cleansing and promoting healing energies. 

Comfrey-this is a protective herb, especially during travel. It also brings good luck and good fortune when gambling. 

Vervain-this is a protective herb, especially against psychic attack.

Jasmine- this flower can be used to attract love, prosperity, and induce prophetic dreams.

Herbal Workings:

-Creating an incense with any of these herbs 

-Creating a ritual bath (with ones that are skin safe)

-Creating a ritual tea (with those that are safe to consume)

-Creating a charm bag with them for protection 

-Adding them to candles 


Aquarius Rituals:

Aquarius oils and incense (made specifically for this sign) can be used to focus (or target) the working on someone who is an Aquarius. It can also be used to bring out the positive qualities of this sign in the person, especially if Aquarius is prominent in their natal chart. 

In addition, other ritual workings can include workings for social change, social networking (especially for business and personal projects), creativity, and public performances. 

Lunam Love Aquarius Birthday Ritual

Start by taking a trial shower with any Lunam Love cleansing ritual soap or scrub product.

Anoint yourself afterwards with Polaris ritual body oil to help you receive the guidance and clarity you need into the New year. If you are unable to wear the oil, you can always dress a white candle with the oil. Spend a few minutes meditating on what it is you want to achieve in this new year of life. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to create? What do you want to heal? What do you want to release? At this point you may feel the presence of your spirit team gathering around you to give you their love and support. Take note of any colors, images, or sounds you may pick up on and write them down. 

Finally charge and meditate with your chosen Lunam Love ritual glass candle. This is your birthday candle and can be any one that you consider your favorite. Speak your intention into the candle, then light it.  Take your time gazing into the candle flame, opening yourself up to the blessings that you will receive for your birthday. 

Lunam Love Products for Aquarius:

Polaris Ritual Glass Candle & Ritual Body Oil

Shield of Protection Ritual Body Oil

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