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Box of Enchantment - Product Descriptions

November 13, 2023

Box of Enchantment - Product Descriptions

Thank you to everyone who purchased the Box of Enchantment! 

This was my absolute favorite box to make.  I hope all of you love it!



Intuitively channeled Love Yourself Card

Enchanted Candle

Enchanted Spray

Balance Rose Hydrosol Mist

Angel Aura Cluster or Amethyst Aura Cluster

Dressed drip taper candle

Glass Candle Holder

Handheld Mirror


Love Yourself Card

Each box has an intuitively-picked card from the Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hayes.

Enchanted Candle

"As sweet as fruit and as beautiful as a flower, I enchant what I desire." 

This recipe has a variety of uses! This candle can be used to enchant a room with more Magick, or you can enchant yourself to have more beauty, luck, or influence on others, etc. 

Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy 

Scent: Peach

Enchanted Spray

It is finally here! Enchanted is now a spray.  Use to enchant yourself, your space, your home, your business, and more!

This spray has many uses:

-Body mist

-Room spray

-Linen spray

-Spray before complementary rituals

-Spray as an offering to beauty deities

Balance Rose Hydrosol Mist

I am so excited to release this new product!  This rose hydrosol is infused with crystals, magick, energy, and Reiki.  This will aid in your glamor and beauty magick.  You will love the feel and the results!

This hydrosol can be sprayed all over your body, directly on the skin.  Great for the face. Rose hydrosol is anti-inflammatory, reduces redness, calms inflamed skin, and maintains the skin's PH levels.

Angel Aura Cluster or Amethyst Aura Cluster

Your box will either have an angel aura cluster or amethyst aura!

Angel Aura & Amethyst Aura

Angel aura and amethyst aura are high-frequency stones, and when I work with them with clients, I see it expanding and cleansing their aura and chakras.  When using this with enchantment, the aura will assist with the enchantment and glamor magick!  It will also help you stand out in a crowd especially when charged in your spell.

These crystals will help you feel more joyful, happy, and enchanted!

Dressed Drip Taper candle

Use in spell.  Spell below.

I chose candles that specifically drip!  Look for images in the wax while and after it burns.  Write the images you see down.  They are keys to understand the results of the spell. 

Silver Rose Floating Candle

Use in spell.  Spell below.

Glass Candle Holder 

Use for dressed taper candle.

Handheld Mirror 

Use in spell.  Spell below.


Suggested Spell Setup:

Enchanted candle in center
Candle holder with taper behind the candle
Bowl of water in front of Enchanted candle.
(The bowl of water is got the silver rose candle.)

Place mirror in front of bowl.

Before casting your spell, clean your ritual space and take a ritual shower.

Spray yourself with the Balance hydrosol and use the oil of your choice.

Next cast your circle.

Take a cup of water and sprinkle salt. Hold your hands over the water and envision sending white light to the water. Sprinkle it in a clockwise direction around your ritual area.

Glamour Spell 

This spell is to enchant you on all levels with magick and glamour, inside and out.

Write a letter of what you would like to see, changes within yourself and changes without.  When you are finished, place it under the Enchanted candle and light.

The rose candle is connected to balance and flow of energy.  When we are stressed and overwhelmed and overworked, we won't be in our most enchanting self, so this candle is for balance, self-love, and self-care.

Place your hands over the water and send your love into the water.  Envision energy flowing from your heart center.

Light your rose candle.

On your taper candle, you can place the intention of your choosing into the candle.  Carve keywords into the candle.  For example, if you want to enchant yourself for a specific situation.  (example, enchant for love, for business, for a job interview, etc.)

This is a dripping candle so it will give you plenty of wax to interpret.  Look for images in the wax.  It will give you insight to your spell manifestation.  You can look up the images in a dream dictionary online if you have trouble interpreting the image.

Light your taper candle.

Send energy with both hands to your spell.

Leave your mirror in the spell area.  It will be ready to use once the spell is complete.

To close the circle, sprinkle the water in a counter clockwise.


Magickal Mirror

This mirror can be used for daily self-enchantment.

You can say the following incantation or write your own depending on your intentions.

May I enchant who I desire.

May I enchant what I desire.

At my will and at my command,

I enchant what I desire.

I enchant.

I enchant.

I am enchanted.

May my words sound like music to their ears.

May my energy be captivating.

As I say it, it shall be.

So mote it be.