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Energy Clearing Subscription Box Oracle Meanings

December 21, 2021

Energy Clearing Subscription Box Oracle Meanings

I hope all of you are enjoying your Energy Clearing Box.  These beautiful cards came from the deck Gateway of Light Activation by Kyle Gray.  Your Gateway of Light Activation oracle connects you to different realms and portals of energy listed on each card.  

Each card was chosen intuitively for each of you.

Before connecting to the card and the portal of energy it connects to, quite your mind and allow yourself to relax.  Hold the card to your chest and take a few deep breaths.

A suggested intention as listed in the book:

Divine Source of Creation, beings of infinite light, gateways of heaven, gateways of Earth, thank you for activating the essence of this card.

Thank you for kissing them with your light so that they may become a tool tha will allow me to access the ancient wisdom of my soul, my incarnations, heaven and Earth.

As above, so below, as within, so without.

I set the intention that this card becomes a powerful bridge between the realms.

I set the intention that through this tool, I can access supportive information, downloads, frequencies, and Akashic information that will support my soul's evolution and pathway to ascension.

I allow the beautiful images to reveal information to me on a soul level, so that it can prompt my intuition and unlock my inner vision.

I am grateful for being able to connect with and work with the light.

I am grateful for being able to connect with ancient wisdom.

I set these intentions knowing that through my own evolution, I am supporting the evolution of the Earth and all her beings.

For the highest good of all.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

And so it is.

"Akashic Records- Clearing old stories, releasing past lives, freedom.  The Akashic Records is our soul's history, our past lives, where our lifetimes, soul lessons are kept.  Ask your guides to connect you to your Akashic Records.  It is time to release burdens and trauma of the past. You have learned your lesson and relived these pattern many lifetimes.  Ask that your guides help you clear these old patterns.  You are ready.

Akashic Stargate-Aligned with purpose, crossroads, no wrong path.  A stargate is a portal that takes us to another dimension or world for ascension.  We connect to this stargate through our hearts.  The Universe is within us.  You are at an important part of your journey, a crossroads.  Connect to your heart and decide on your path.  You are the one that has to choose your next step.  Know that whatever you choose, you are going in the right direction.

Ancestral Realm-Karmic release, healing the lineage, boundaries. You are held back by ancestral karma, but a lot is being healed and released now.  It is time for you to create new patterns in your family.  Your ancestors are with you now.  They will lend support, but you are the change in your family line.

Angelic Frequency-Angels are here.  You are safe.  Potent connection.  Angels are around you.  Your frequency is aligning with the angels.  You will see more synchronicities.  Abundance and blessings will be flowing into your life.

Annunaki Light Codes- Energetic Shift, new information, end of cycle.   The Annunaki are a galactic light beings who were known by the Sumerians and Babylonians as deities who governed the space between the worlds.  Many changes are waiting for you.  Allow your mind to see things in different ways, connect to cosmic consciousness.  An old cycle is ending, but you need to shift your thinking to fully close out the cycle.

Arcturian Light Codes-Evolutionary downloads, recalling power, future thinking.  Arcturus is a giant red star that is seen from the northern hemisphere.  It is beyond the big dipper.  Arcturians are blue beings that are considered 5th dimension or higher energy.  You are evolving into higher frequencies now.  The Arcturians will lend their support.  You are meant to feel free. You have had trauma in the past, but it is time to recall your power and let yourself evolve.

The Central Sun- Abundance downloads, regeneration, success.  You have gone through hardships, but you are being regenerated.  Your life is going to imporve in many ways, and you will feel better, more full of vitality.  Go out into the sun each day, connect with the energy of the sun. 

Chamber of the Violet flame- Karmic release, radical transformation.  The energy of the Violet Flame is very high vibrational.  It transmutes negative energy, it is protective, it is full of love, and is very healing.  It can be invoked or connected to in meditation. Your guides want you to work with the Violet flame.  Let it heal you and transmute any lower vibrational energy within the mind and body.  We have an invocation here.


Crown Chakra Upgrade- Divine Connection, holy experiences, miraculous energy.  The crown chakra is the chakra at the tope of the head.  It is the chakra the connects to Source. You will be receiving downloads and upgrades to your crown chakra.  You will be able to connect to your guides more clearly.  Expect a lot of messages coming through.  You will find the peace you have been seeking.

Crystal Skull Wisdom- Clarity, divine healing, high-vibrational energy.  Crystal skulls can be used for healing and connect to ancient wisdom.  If you are drawn to do so, find a crystal skull that calls to you.  Work with it in meditation to uncover knowledge that is waiting for you.  This card means you will be entering a time in your life for clarity and connection.  Your healing is paying off and paving the way for new chapters.

The Divine Matrix- Interconnectedness, synchronicity.  We are all one in the Universe.  You are in alignment with this Oneness.  When things don't go your way, know that your path is unfolding, helping you evolve, connect to Source.  If you are going through heavy energy, look at the deeper meaning.  It will soon pass.

Earth Star Activation- The Earth Star Chakra is located 6-12 inches below our feet.  It connects us to Earth.  Egyptian Goddess Isis is coming through as a guide at this time to help you connect since she is also a goddess connected to the Underworld through her husband Osiris.  She will help guide you.  Your Earth Star Chakra has been activated and you will be going deeper into magick.

Emerald Tablet Activation- Cosmic ordering, divine alchemy, conscious manifesting.  The Emerald Tablet, also known as the Smaragdine Tablet or the Tabula Smaragdina, is a compact and cryptic Hermetic text. It was highly regarded by Islamic and European alchemists as the foundation of Hermeticism.  It is time to remember your gifts from past lives and tap into your ancient wisdom.

Gaia Gateway Activation-Learning experiences, wisdom transmission, earth intelligence.  The Gaia Gateway is the chakra that connects us to Mother Earth.  The Gaia Gateway is found below our feet under the Earth Star chakra.  To connect, imagine the center of the Earth and connect to her energy.  This card means to trust the plan.  Gaia is with you.  She is there.  Feel her loving embrace.  Learn from her strength.

Halls of Amenti Initiation-Secrets revealed, treasures uncovered, initiations.  The Halls of Amenti are a sacred learning space that were energetically transported by Thoth.  It is said that this sacred place is connected to the Pyramid of Giza.  These halls are also said to have been home of the Emerald Tablet.  When you get this card, you are going through an initiation.  Just know that any heaviness you are experience is so you can continue to upgrade.  

Halls of Learning-Spirit guides, confirmation, great lessons.  The halls of learning, also known as the Great Halls are an ethereal retreat of spiritual knowledge. Many have visited these realms.  Some say these halls are home to the Akashic records.  You visit these halls in your dreams. You will be having breakthrough healing, epiphanies that lead to great changes.

Hathor Light Codes- Light immersion, full-system upgrade, power recall.  Hathor is a goddess of the sky and fertility in Ancient Egypt.  You are going through a spiritual upgrade right now.  You are deepening your spiritual gifts, and new knowledge will be downloaded (remembered) and deeper magick will be awakened within you.

Heart of Source-All-encompassing love, unconditional acceptance, serenity.  Say this, "Thank you, source of Love, for bathing me in your infinite light and for reminding me I am one with all that is."  It is time to release pain in your heart.  Your heart is very special.  It is connected to the heart of Source, all that is.  Blockages are being dissolved and removed from your life.

Higher Heart Activation-Dropping shields, divine love, your heart is healed.  The higher heart chakra is the most ascended form of the heart chakra.  It is found in the center of the chest.  You are connected to divine love.  You may have gone through a lot of heartache in this lifetime, disappointments, sadness.  It is time to release a lot of that so you can connect to your higher heart chakra and connect to love from Source.

Hoy Grail- Inner discovery, finding sacredness.  You are what you seek. The Holy Grail has been a mystery for thousands of years.  This card is connected to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury, southwest England, a sacred garden where people connect to the goddess and discovery the mysteries within.  You have been searching for answers.  You are the answer.  You are the Divine.  Go within to find what you have been seeking.

I AM Presence-Light body activation, accessing the divine within.  The I AM presence is the divine that is within each one of us.  We are part of the divine, and the divine is within us. It is the part of our soul that never forgot we are connected.  You are reminded that you are part of Source.  Put your hands on your heart and say, "I call forth, from the core of my being, the might I AM presence.  Great universal cosmonaut, starbeing, star power, thank you for standing at the forefront of my heart and mind.  Thank you for leading the way with your divine intelligence."

Inner Earth-Base chakra, strength, security, laying foundations.  This card is connected to the root chakra and your connection with earth.  Take a few deep breaths and envision yourself connecting deep into the earth.  You are meant to be here.  Breathe.  You are supported by the Earth.  Remember to connect any time you feel you have lost your way or don't have anyone to turn to. 

Karmic Board Clearing-Energetic Clearing, rewrite your story, live your truth. The Karmic Board is a congregation of spiritual beings dedicated to implementing the Law of Cause and Effect.  They have the capacity to help us overcome any karmic blockage that are affecting us.  Call on them to bring healing to karmic blocks.

Lemurian Seed Codes-Embracing sensitivity, uniqueness, living with grace. Lemurian seed crystals are a type of quartz crystal connected to the Lemurians.  They have engraved "barcodes" which hold the ancient wisdom of Lemurian.  The Lemurians were peaceful being connected and lived in harmony with all living beings.  In meditation connect to Ancient Lemuria and connect to the peace and harmony.

Memories of Atlantis-Spiritual acceleration, progress, technology.  It is said Atlantis was an advanced civilization that existed thousands of years ago in the center of the Atlantic.  The people were highly evolved and advanced.  You are being called to connect to Altantean energy.    You are receiving blessings from the Atlantean Council of Light.  Expect a spiritual upgrade coming soon.

Mer-Ka-Ba Activation-Transcendence, ascension, you are rising up.  The Merkaba is a light body or vehicle that we can activate for the ascension process.  You are raising your vibration and becoming magnetic to the presence of wisdom of light.  You are protected in your meditations and astral travels.

Order of Melchizedek-Embraced by light, mission uncovered, don't give up.  Melchizedek means "king of righteousness."  He is a gatekeeper of light.  To connect with this energy and feel challenged, say, "Order of Melchizedek, light-bearers, angelic beings, and cosmic guides.  Thank you for enveloping me in your crystal-clear light.  Help me see through this challenge with clarity and solutions."

Orion Activation- Supernova, recreation, renewal, rebirthed by light.  Orion is one of the best-known constellations in the night sky.  The Orion constellation is home to a number of higher beings who wish to help evolve our planet.  Connect to the Orion constellation to release fears and obstacles in your life.  You can say, "Great wise ones of Orion, thank you for supporting my recreation and renewal."

Pleiadean Activation-Coming together, harmony in the heavens, resolution.  The Pleiades is an open cluster or stars in the north-west of the constellation of Taurus.  The Pleiadeans are human-like beings who honor the feminine and live in an advanced way.  To connect, find the Pleiades in the night sky using a star map, say, "Great Pleiadean guides, thank you for showing me how to heal the matriarchal line and honor the feminine so that I can support a more balanced and evolved form of existence."  Peace and harmony are coming in 2022.  Be open to receive this energy.

Sacred Inner Space-Sacral Chakra, Tenderness, Sensuality.  The sacral chakra is located in the pelvic area about three inches below the naval.  It is associated with the element of water. This chakra rules passion and pleasure.  It is where you feel enjoyment, pleasure, emotion, sensuality, sexuality, and intimacy.  You are being guided to the gateway of your sacred self.  Honor the sacred within.

Seraphim's Gateway-Voice activation, angelic attunement, divine support.  The Seraphim are the highest form of angelic beings, who are said to radiate from the heart of source.  Visualize yourself surrounded by golden light.  Then say, "Thank you, might Seraphim, for blessing me with your loving presence and for supporting me in awakening the angelic qualities I have within."

Shambhala Initiations-Retreating to recharge, trusting in the process, dharma.  Shambhala is known as the city of light said to be hidden somewhere in the Himalayas near Tibet.  It is said you can connect to enlightened teachers, divine masters, and adept spiritual masters and deities.  We can visit the etheric retreat of Shambhala during the dream state, astral travel, and meditation.  

Sirius Star Blessings- Yes, proceed, be seen push-through.  Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and was very important to ancient Egyptians.  The Sirius star system is home of higher dimensional beings that can be contacted in meditation.  Imagine a great beam of light coming down from Sirius and washing over your being.  Know that the electric blue frequency will be supporting you as you move forward.

Solar Light Upgrade- Solar Plexus chakra, Inner fire, Will-power. The Solar Plexus is located in the naval where your diaphragm rests.  It is associated with the element of fire.  This chakra rules self-esteem, our personal power, and the core of our identity, personality, and ego.  Place both your hands on your stomach.  Breathe in, visualize a great fiery light switching on.  Call your solar power up and out.  Feel it dissolve any blocks and insecurities.

Soul Star Activation-Fulfilling soul contracts, remembering who you are.  The Soul Star chakra is the energy center that is found around 6-12 inches above the crown and connects us directly with soul wisdom.  It is our gateway to the ethereal realms.  Your Soul Star Chakra will be activated soon.  Expect an increase in psychic gifts and more clarity in your life.

Star Gathering- stars aligned, remembering home, soul family.  The stars have aligned.  You have found the lost pieces of yourself and your energy, and now is your time to shine!  Your dreams are on their way to manifesting!

Starbeing Healing Codes- Important information, wounds are healed, recharging.  If the world seems overwhelming or intense at this time, know that it's okay for you to retreat to a safe space to cleanse and recharge your energy. Say, "Thank you, starbeings of healing, for placing your hands of light upon my being and guiding me back to my whole and healed self."

Stargate Heart-Heart chakra opening, unlocking, generosity.  The Heart Chakra is located in the center of your chest and is associated with the element of air. This chakra is where you experience love, compassion, warmth, kindness, self-love.  Place your hands on your heart space and breath deeply.  Invite the sacred temple within to lower its drawbridge and open its gates so that you can experience love and harmony. 

Stellar Gateway Activation-Infinite potential, manifestation vortex.  The Stellar Gateway is the highest of our chakras and is found about 12-24 feet above our head.  It is the energetic gateway that connects us with the divine matrix.   Breathe deeply, and imagine your breath is taking you up and out to connect with the infinite.  Say, "I connect with Heaven and Earth to create heaven on Earth."

Sword of Light-Divine protection, cords cut, breakthrough energy.  The Sword of light is the main energetic tool of Archangel Michael.  Visualize yourself engulfed in golden light.  Say, "Sword of Light.  Thank you for cutting the unnecessary cords that bind me to fear.  I stand in truth and light, fulfilling the call of my soul.

Temple of Truth-Throat chakra, authenticity, self-expression.  located in the center of the neck and it is associated with spirit.  It is the first of the higher three chakras.  The throat chakra rules communication and speaking our truth.  Place your fingertips on either side of your collarbone and breathe towards your throat center.  Visualize a doorway opening or a portal forming, allowing the energy within to flow freely.

Third Eye Activation-Brow chakra, Inner vision, clear seeing.  The Third Eye is located at the brow above the base of the nose.  With this chakra, you can see beyond and think more clearly.  It rules intuition, insight, and psychic gifts.  Anoint the space between your brows with your favorite essential oil.   Close your eyes and massage the space.  Tell your inner vision it is safe for it to be fully activated.  Affirm, "I am willing to see."

Thoth Light Codes-Light initiation, great teacher awakening, divine magic.  Thoth is the ancient Egyptian god of writing, divine magic, and the moon.  He is considered the great mind behind the hieroglyphics.  To connect to Thoth, chant, "Tehuti, Tehuti, Tehuti," until you feel a shift in the energy around you.  Then say, "Thoth, great priest-king and divine scribe of ancient Egypt, thank you for initiating and awakening the Great Teacher within me."

Venusian Galactic Council-Starbeing guides, answer the call, time to shine.  The Venusians are advanced cosmic beings similar to angels, who come from the planet Venus.  They are our starry ancestors and are dedicated to helping us experience and embody divine love.  On a bright, starry night, say, "Venusian Galactic Council, thank you for helping me answer the call of my soul.  Help me to connect and embody Divine Love."