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February 2022 Snapshot

February 02, 2022

February 2022 Snapshot

Welcome to February from Lunam Love! Although this is the shortest month of the year, there are plenty of astrological transits in store for us, including the arrival of Imbolc. We’ll be sharing snapshots of each one, with blog posts to follow as the month progresses.

February 2nd: Imbolc

 This Sabbat is traditionally celebrated starting February 1st (starting at sundown) and into the 2nd and marks the midpoint between winter and spring. It traditionally honors the goddess Brigid, a Celtic triple goddess of smithcraft, the hearth, and inspiration. She is also associated with healing (including healers and midwives) and was connected to sacred springs and wells that were said to have healing energies. For more information about Imbolc, check out our Imbolc blog post on our website! 

February 3rd: Mercury Goes Direct 

With the recent new moon in Aquarius and the Lunar New Year (which took place on the 1st), there will be a lot of releasing and clearing once Mercury goes direct. This is an important time to process how communication has been impacted in your life during this first mercury retrograde of 2022 and decide how these lessons can be applied to all areas of your life moving forward. This is especially important in areas where there are partnerships and where there are new projects taking place (personal or work related).

Embrace the releasing from the new moon and Lunar New Year and the new possibilities it offers (because there will still be residual energies influencing this day), while also applying your experience of Mercury as it leaves retrograde. As with all retrogrades there will be a post-shadow period of a couple of weeks, so do expect there to be some more hiccups. 

February 16th: Full Moon in Leo 

Leo’s influence on the full moon will bring much needed fiery energies as well as positivity and inspiration. It will add fuel to the projects you have started and will also inspire you to assert yourself and level up. It will give us much needed confidence. 

At the same time, Venus will conjuct Mars, which can help bring us back into balance if we have been leaning too far into Venus energies or Mars energies. Maybe we have been having difficulty emotionally regulating ourselves or allowing our emotions to rule our emotions.  Or maybe we have been too distant or too aggressive or too impulsive. Regardless of what direction we have been leaning in between these two planets’ energies, this transit plus the full moon can help us step back into balance. 

February 18th: Pisces Season Begins 

Pisces season is here! This water sign will bring a lot of spiritual, psychic and day dream-like energies, which can allow for some powerful inner work, connecting with the spiritual world, healing, and creativity. This can be very helpful moving forward especially for spiritual growth and manifestation. 

February 22nd: Numerology 

In numerology, the number 2 represents our connection with the world around us, not just with other people but between our inner world and outer world. On this date there is a potential for strengthening your connections with the people in your life, the other energies in your life (such as the members of your spirit team/Universe), and yourself which leads to balance and healing. This is also a powerful date for manifestation, aided further by the Pisces energies that will be active at this time.