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How to Cleanse Your Crystals

December 05, 2018

How to Cleanse Your Crystals

There are many reasons why someone may choose to buy a crystal, such as: restoring their peace of mind, heightening their spiritual awareness, attracting love, promoting self-healing, or aiding them in their financial success.  However, knowing how to cleanse your crystal is just as important as knowing its intended purpose. After purchase or regular use, your crystal needs to be cleansed to preserve its magical properties. You do not want the energy of your crystal to become murky, so purification rituals are essential.  Here are five ways to cleanse your crystal: 

1. Moonlight
The moon’s restorative energy can be harnessed to cleanse and recharge your crystal.  Although this ritual can be performed during any moon phase, except for dark moon, placing your crystal outside during the full moon is ideal.  At this point in the lunar cycle, the power of the moon is at its peak, meaning that it will more potently affect your crystal. If you choose this method, be sure to bring your crystal inside before morning; excessive sunlight exposure will cause your crystal to fade and weaken its energy.  The disadvantage of the lunar method is the limited timeframe; it can only be performed at night, and the full moon only appears once a month.

2.  Sage and Incense  
The burning of incense and sage is an ancient practice that can purify your crystal.  Because it can be performed day or night, this approach is more convenient than moon cleansing.  White sage is commonly used for its purification properties and available at almost all spiritual shops. Palo Santo, meaning sacred wood, is also commonly used. When purchasing, keep in mind that Palo Santo cones rather than incense sticks are preferred because they are easier to ignite.  A personal favorite is a white sage rosemary smudge stick can also be used. Rosemary exorcises dark spirits while white sage purifies as well as protects. The smoke produced from white sage rosemary will purify and renew your crystal’s energy.     

3. Burial
Although this method is not as well-known, it will effectively cleanse a heavily polluted stone.  Negative energy can come from a previous owner or an outside force. If this energy is particularly powerful, it can be difficult to cleanse.  Burying your crystal allows the earth to absorb dark energy, converting it into light. The burial of your crystal will take a total of three days to complete.  

4. Salt Water
Those with a spiritual connection to water may choose to submerge rather than bury their crystals.  For this method, place your crystal in a bowl filled with salt water for three days. Combining salt, an earth element, with water will keep your crystal grounded during the purification process.  Reserve this method for crystal quartz (Clear, Rose, Amethyst, Citrine, Smoky, etc.). Other crystals may dissolve, rust, or even become sulfuric acid in water—yikes! Use this method with caution, allowing your crystal to absorb the healing properties found in water and be restored.  

5. Meditation and Energy Work
Never underestimate the power of intent and your own spiritual energy when it comes to cleansing your crystal.  You can purify your crystal by placing it in the palm of your left hand, the side of you that is feminine and receptive.  Your right hand, fueled by masculinity and delivery, should be placed over the crystal in order to send positive energy. Envision a white, purifying light eliminating any darkness that may be lurking in your crystal.  Although the aforementioned mediums are powerful tools for purification, using only your hands will help strengthen your psychic abilities. 
Remember, crystals such as Selenite and Kyanite do not contain negative energy, so you do not need to cleanse them.  To purchase crystals, sage, or incense, be sure to visit Lunam Love's shop