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Live Sale 31 Item Descriptions

November 11, 2022

Live Sale 31 Item Descriptions

Unf*ck Yourself Spray

This is a spray that should not be ignored or passed up. This is why I decided to name it the way I did. I could have given it a not so “in your face” name like Get Out of Your Head or Remember Who the Fck You Are. But this spray needed to be seen.  It needed to grab your attention and hit you in the face. This is a spray that is very needed considering that we have been going through and will continue to go through (retrogrades, on top of having just entered eclipse season). You will be glad that you got this for yourself because retrograde season and eclipse season is all about taking accountability for the things that we can change. It is about what we actually have the power to change, about our awareness. 

In tarot, the two swords is the ‘I’m stuck card, the card of ‘I do not see any solutions and I am unable to move forward’. When we look at the card carefully what do we see? Is the woman on the card stuck? No she is not! She can drop those swords any time she wants, she can take off the blindfold and go on her way. She has abundance around her. She is in stable ground, yet for whatever reason, she is stuck. This is such a powerful card because it helps us analyze how much we actually contribute to our own suffering? So I ask you, how much do you actually contribute to your own suffering? This is such a deep question, one that we have to start asking. We have to be aware of what can change, what we have the power to change. Are we holding any swords in front of us? Did we miss any red flags or get ourselves into a situation where we are now stuck? Can we unstuck ourselves and go into flow? 

So with this spray, we are going to start unf*cking ourselves with whatever is in our control. This is basically an uncrossing spray, but if I had named it uncrossing I guarantee you that you would have looked right past it. This spray expands awareness, it gets you out of your head, it gets you out of the narrow filter, out of the scarcity filter which creates toxicity, blindfolds and swords. This spray will help you see that you have the control of taking off the filter, you have control in changing your perspective. This spray will raise your vibration and will help you see beyond those filters. It will help you see solutions and how to uncross yourself. it will help you see the patterns that lead you to such situations. It will clear the pathway when you cannot see past your own failure. Because how many times have we been in a good situation and things are just going good and all of a sudden something happens; and another thing happens. Before you realize it you get into your head and you start seeing things with that filter. Simply put, it will help you get out of your own way!! Once you spray yourself with this you will be in a situation where you will get yourself back, you will be in control again. You will clear yourself and obtain awareness, because at the end of the day what we are aware of we can change, what we are aware of we can remove, what we are aware of we can heal. You will be able to get out of your own way and break those patterns. 

This spray will open up your crown chakra, it will open up your eyes, as well as your energy center so that you can get out of your own patterns, out of the stuckness, out of that meh energy and get you into flow.

Scent Profile: Eucalyptus Mint

Pairing Suggestions: The Oracle, Bad B$tch, I Have Arrived, Money Magnet

Family Tree Candle

This candle is very special and very potent. We put this in the fancy vessel because you will be working with this candle instead of simply burning it thru. Our Lunam Love brand is all about healing and empowerment, manifesting, etc. As such, this candle has many different uses. The top of this candle contains graveyard dirt which was collected properly in ritual by two different practitioners. 

We all have a connection to our ancestors and a connection to the other side. This candle can be used as a seance candle if your intention was to connect to your ancestors. However, this candle can be used for a lot of healing work as well. 

Ancestral healing is something that is very important. Sometimes we get certain patterns from our ancestors. This can be in the form of ancestral curses which as we know do not happen by someone casting a curse which lasts for hundreds and hundreds of years. What is usually meant when someone says that your family line is cursed is that there are certain patterns that everyone in your family falls into. For example, scarcity, with generational scarcity you are poor, your grandparents were poor, your ancestors were poor. Now, let’s make one thing clear, scarcity does not have to be poor earned money, it can be not being able to find love, having bad luck all the time, being a single parent, etc.

Just as there is generational scarcity, generational poverty, there is also generational wealth. This candle can be used for healing things that we do not like. So if you really want to do healing, you can have two of these candles going on at the same time. You can have one burning with the intention of healing your ancestral line; for clearing. You can have another one burning for what you will be bringing into the family line; for manifestation. 

This candle can be used in different rituals or at the same time. You can have one burning with our Shatter the Ceilings oil with the intention to break through scarcity in your family tree and throughout your family line however far it may go. This candle will start breaking patterns and cycles while at the same time sending healing and love to the family line and your ancestral line. You can have the other candle burning with our Wealth oil and start manifesting for your family line. You can have many sets of these candles. You can even write your family name on the vessel. 

You can also use this candle to call upon your ancestors. I did include chrysanthemum which will help you connect to them. However, these candles are protected in a way that will not allow ancestors who are not your own to come forward. It is very important to note that even if you do not connect to your ancestors, even if you bypass them, you can still send them love with this candle. You can also disconnect from your ancestors if the case may be that there is a trauma line associated with them. However, every family needs healing, you don’t necessarily have to call on your ancestors if you do not want to, but healing will still be sent to them and the family line. 

The following are some rituals and meditations that you can do while burning this powerful candle:

Protect your space, call in your guides and protectors.  You can either use a phot or write our your family name.  Place it under the candle.

Scent profile: Pipe Tobacco

The Underworld

If you are one who has never worked or connected to the underworld, you can do more than you would think with this oil. If you are one who has worked briefly with the underworld, you don’t know the extent of the underworld unless you have really really really (really) become familiar with it. The underworld is not just one place, you can connect to different underworlds. There is the Egyptian underworld where you will find the God Anpu who most of you know as Anubis. There is also the Greek underworld where you will find the God Hades. There are different sections of the underworld depending on which pantheon you work with. This oil is not connected to a specific pantheon.

The underworld contains a lot of wealth gods. For example, Hades is a wealth God, he is amazing at teaching you wealth. If you want a wealth mentor it would be a good idea to start connecting to Hades and the underworld. Hades does not joke around, he will give you a slap in the hand if you do something wrong. 

Healing is also something that can be done in the underworld. Deep healing and deep grounding is something that can be achieved there. The underworld is where you will find balance; you can be a multi-dimensional being, similar to the triple goddess, goddess of the underworld, the earth and the heavens. If you want to step into the full spectrum of energy and really increase your power and manifestation abilities, working with the underworld as well as with celestial wealth is the way to go. 

I actually saw this connection during a mediation. In the underworld I had a vision of monks. So not only did I see this connection, but I felt it, the deeper you can go the higher you can go. The blue sandstone in this oil represents the starry sky and will assist in the connection to the highest celestial energy right from the underworld. Many of you do not work with the underworld, but for me, it is a second home. The underworld can be very comforting, protective, and grounding. You can do anything there, you can manifest, you can reach the highest of heavens, it helps you be diverse with energy work.

However, without going into energy work, this oil is very protective, very grounding, very safe and very healing. Some people are afraid of the underworld, but once they go there they realize it is not a scary experience. You can envision yourself at the bottom of the underworld, you can release your pain into the underworld without being judged. Again, the underworld is where you will find balance and the energy of duality. Duality is everything! We are supposed to be balanced just like in the Yin and Yang. It is important to be balanced between the heavens and the underworld. It will ground your energy. 

With this oil, if you have never visited the underworld, you can just dive in. You can just be yourself without judgements. It is really beautiful energy!

If you are in scarcity mode, you can use the Unf*ck Yourself spray in combination with his oil and get yourself back up. You can also pair it with our Wealth oil because if you want to manifest wealth, working with the underworld is one of the best ways to go. 

Scent profile: Black Licorice

Recommended pairings: Wealth oil, Unf*ck Yourself spray

King of Air Body Oil

This oil can be used by any sign; note that if you are going to use it as an element, it does connect to Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. This oil connects to the archetype King of Air, and it will help the wearer connect to that.

The scent is very light and complimentary to our Queen of Air oil so that you can wear them together. It has notes of amber, it is very soothing, and loving just like air signs who love to be very playful. I was called to put the energy of silver helps with mental clarity and decisiveness.

This oil is very soft, very loving, it will help you relax and go into flow. It will help the wearer with direction and with spontaneous energy rather than running away from problems. It embodies the best qualities of an air sign. It will help with decisiveness; it brings out that intellectual and happy side. It will clear up the thoughts, clear any overthinking. It will also minimize and heal all of the unfavorable aspects of the air element. This is a very social oil, very fun, kind of the life of the party energy while deflecting any kind of hate energy sent their way; it will help the wearer stay in that uplifted state. This oil will help with the Yin and Yang balance. It is very complimentary to the Queen of Air.

Scent profile: Sandalwood & Lavender