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March Full Moon

March 18, 2022

March Full Moon

Happy Full Moon everyone! This full moon is taking place right before the Spring Equinox as well as Ostara. Many of the energies surrounding this full moon will focus on the theme of ‘spring cleaning’, of cleansing (physically and energetically) and releasing energies, relationships, and situations that are no longer in alignment with you. This opens the road ahead for bringing in positive and empowering energies as well as healthier relationships and situations. 

This full moon is also in the sign of Virgo which will be very influential for those of you who have Virgo as a sun, rising, or moon sign. Virgo’s presence during this full moon will allow for more clarity and ease in organizing and creating healthier patterns and structures in all aspects of your life. It will also help you to communicate more effectively and have or at least plan for difficult conversations that have been put on hold for too long. 

In this post we’ll share the correspondences for this month’s full moon, suggested spells, and end with a Lunam Love ritual. 


Herbs:  Broom, High John Root, Irish Moss, Yellow Dock, Wood Betony,

Flowers: Apple Blossom, Daffodil, Honeysuckle, Jonquil, Violet

Colors: Green, Purple, Red-Violet, Yellow

Crystals: Aquamarine, Bloodstone


Road Opening: If you are facing any roadblocks or walls when it comes to manifesting, road opening skills are a good way to remove them. Whether these blocks were created from your environment, other people, or even yourself this spellwork will be powerful during this time. 

Cleansing: Spring is almost here so this is a good time to cleanse yourself, your space, and your home in general. You can take a ritual shower, bath, do a smoke cleanse or do a music or sound healing bath to clear and align your energies. 

Creating: This is a time period of cleansing AND renewal. This is a good time to start long term spells and a good time to also set intentions for new projects. 

Lunam Love Ritual:

This is a simple ritual where you can use any Lunam Love candle or an Lunam Love oil to dress a candle. 

First, begin by pouring salt into a bowl. You can add chamomile or rosemary to this mix. Wash your hands with this mixture and focus on releasing any and all negative, heavy, and unwanted energies, allowing them to be washed away and leaving you open to healthier and positive energies. 

Next, get a piece of paper and write down on one side of this paper what you want to let go of. What toxic patterns or situations or relationships need to be removed? What are the blockages that you can see that are keeping you from being safe, healthy, and happy? 

On the other side of this paper, write down what you want to create and nurture. Is it a new job? A new collaboration? A new work of art? A new relationship? What do you want the energies of Spring to help create and grow in your life?

Finally draw or carve the Virgo sign on your candle. If it is a Lunam Love candle it will already be dressed, but feel free to add more oils. If it is a plain candle you are dressing with Lunam Love ritual oils, focus on your intentions as you add the oils to the candle. 

Before lighting the candle, read aloud or silently from your paper what it is you want to ‘spring clean. Light your candle, then spend a couple of minutes meditating on those intentions of release. Then, read the other side of your paper, what you want to create and nurture and focus on what the best version of those intentions look and feel like. 

Once you are done focusing, you can allow the candle to keep going if you will be in the same room, otherwise, you can turn it off and relight it the following nights until it is all the way burned down. 

After these sessions, make sure to eat a small snack and drink water to replenish your energies. You can also leave a small offering to your spirit team and to the gathered energies.