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Moldavite Oil Batch Descriptions

February 12, 2024

With each oil, use as often as intuitively guided to do so. 

Batch 001

Batch 001 is a healing and transformative oil. It has a very euphoric and sedative feeling. Great to use before bed, veggie heading sessions, and meditation sessions.

Apply one drop to inner wrist. 

Made with Tea Tree Essential Oil

Batch 002

This is a quantum leaping blend! It will make you get sh*t done, especially things that will quantum leap you closer to your manifestations and goals.

You will become very aware of things you have been putting on the backburner, and you will be able to see the resources and possibilities available to us. 

Apply one drop to inner wrist.

Made  with Rosemary Essential Oil

Batch 003

This blend is the expansion blend. It assists in the expansion of the upper heart chakra to hold more wealth, prosperity, love, happiness, etc. Simultaneously it will help you release scarcity and victim mentality. It also works on strengthening self-worth

Apply one drop to heart space.

Made with Bergamot Essential Oils from Italy + Ylang Ylang Essential Oil from France