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Manifestation Box - Item Descriptions

March 12, 2024

Manifestation Box - Item Descriptions

Thank you for purchasing the Manifestation Box! 

This box will aid you in bringing your manifestations into the 3d realm.

May all your dreams come to fruition even better than you imagine.


There were 3 winners in this box!  The prizes were:

$333 cash

Cognac Crystal

$50 Lunam Love Gift Card

Winners, be sure to tag us on IG!  We would love to share you.

IG: @lunam_love


Box Contents

Oracle Card

Manifest the Best! Candle

High Priestess Body Oil

The Magician Body Oil

High Priestess Bath Salts with muslin bag

Copper Crystal Quartz Tree

Green Aventurine 4-Leaf Clover Crystal

High Priestess Ritual Candle (purple household candle)

The Magician Ritual Candle (yellow household candle)

Celestial Ritual Candle (white household candle)

Dirt and Seeds

Foil and Salt

Item Descriptions

Oracle Card

Each card was intuitively chosen just for you.  These beautiful cards came from the Cosmic Transformation Deck by Michelle Lewis.

Look up your card meaning here!

Manifest the Best! Candle

New candle!  Manifest the best in all areas of your life!  This candle is a blend of feminine and masculine energetics and embodies each element so you can manifest with power and stability, anchoring your goals, dreams, and desires into this 3D reality.

Before lighting, hold the candle between your hands and hold it to your heart to connect to its energy.  Write an intention letter of exactly what you are manifesting.  Place the letter underneath your candle.

High Priestess Body Oil

This oil was created to help you tune in and channel your inner High Priestess! This oil accesses the Akashic records and brings magick from your past lives forward.  This oil will enhance your magick, spellwork, meditation, and ritual workings. 

This can also be used to activate your crown and third eye chakras, energy centers that help you tap into your psychic and spiritual gifts and connect with the Divine. 

Scent: Incense and dried florals

The Magician Body Oil

The Magician is our manifestation oil! It helps you anchor your manifestations into the physical realm. Conjuring it up from the mind, the spiritual realm, and anchoring it into earth! This oil does connect to the Divine Masculine side of the body which connects to action, connecting to resources and your skills.

The Magician is the conduit, master manifestor connected to all elements. 

This oil will help you tap into your unlimited potential. It is great to bring forth new beginnings, a new chapter, manifestation. 

Inspired by the Magician tarot card.

The Magician card connects to the planet Mercury. 

Suggested oil mix, apply Magician on the right side of the body and High Priestess on the left side.

High Priestess Bath Salts with muslin bag

These bath salts are infused with the same energy as our High Priestess ritual body oil.  

How to use: Fill Muslin bag with some of the ritual Epsom bath salts and place in the tub.  Soak for a minimum of 15-20 minutes.

If you don't have a tub, fill the Muslin bag and in a shower you can wash your body with the bag 

Copper Crystal Quartz Tree

This crystal tree will be part of your spell and assist you in manifesting of your spell intentions.

Copper amplifies energy, and the symbolic tree shape will help anchor and root your manifestations into the 3D reality.

Green Aventurine 4-Leaf Clover Crystal

This will be your lucky crystal! I strongly believe luck is an important factor with manifestation, being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, and allowing the right opportunities to flow to you.

Green aventurine is considered a lucky stone and helps you in games of chance.  It is also great for money drawing and prosperity.

At a healing level, green aventurine heals the heart space.  And I do believe by healing our heart space, we are able to hold more of our manifestations!

Carry this with you in your pocket, wallet, or purse daily.

High Priestess Ritual Candle (purple household candle)

This candle will activate more your High Priestess energy.

Use in spell below.

The Magician Ritual Candle (yellow household candle)

This candle will activate more your Magician energy.

Use in spell below.

Celestial Ritual Candle (white household candle)

Use in spell explained below.

Dirt and Seeds

Use in spell explained below.

Foil and Salt

Use in spell explained below.

Manifestation Spell


Set up a plate or cookie sheet with foil and add your Manifest the Best! candle to the center of the plate.  Place the High Priestess ritual candle (purple) to the left of the candle, the Magician ritual candle (yellow) to the right side of the candle, and the Celestial ritual candle (white) behind the Manifest the Best! candle.

Place the Crystal Tree in front of the Manifest the Best! candle.  You will be adding the dirt and seeds at a later part of the spell.

Add salt ring around the entire spell.

Before Your Spell

Cleanse and clean your ritual space.  Doing this creates a sacred area for casting and helps cast clear intentions to your guides and the Universe.

Take a ritual bath or shower and use the High Priestess Bath Salts.

Apply the High Priestess on the left side of your body and The Magician oil to the right side of your body.

Now you are ready to cast!

Protection Before Casting

This is an important process of spell work.  It protects you and your spell from any outside interference.  You can perform the protection practice of your choice, or for beginners, you can use this blog to call in the corners and protect in more of a traditional way.

Protection Bog

The Spell 

First, write out an intention letter of what you are working on manifesting.  Be specific.

I suggest listing manifestations that flow together for maximum results.

For example if you are casting for financial manifestations, by default it will open doors to many other goals, dreams and desires.

 Intention letter format example:

Financial Goals: List monthly, yearly, larger goals here, without any reference to where it can come from.

Monthly:  X-amount | Yearly: X-Amount | Go Big Goals!: X-Amount

Doors you would like to open: Now be specific of what types of doors.


-New Business Venture

-New job that gives you certain benefits, pay, environment, type of boss, team, etc.

-Academic institution, acceptance, graduation, etc.

-Growth with specific areas of finances, raise, investments

Be specific to what is relevant in your life.

Fold your letter and place it underneath the crystal tree.  Next add the dirt so it covers the entire base.


Now it is time to prepare your candles!

Carve keywords you feel coordinate with the candles and your intentions.

Keyword Examples

High Priestess Candle: Intuition, Creativity, Insight, Foresight, Magick

Magician Candle: Power, Action, confidence, Collaboration (with the Universe)

Celestial Candle: Universe, Universal Blessings, Universal Gateways

After carving, dress the High Priestess candle with the High Priestess oil and dress the Magician candle with Magician oil

*How to dress a candle:  Place some oil in your hands and apply it to the candle.

Next hold the candle between both hands, place it near your heart (if you don't mind getting oil on you), and send your love and intention into each candle.

You do not need to dress the Celestial Candle with oil, but if you have a large collection of our oils, oils you can use Celestial Wealth.

Place the candles back on the plate.

Start by lighting the Manifest the Best! candle.  Once it is lit, start sending energy to your spell.  Take the seeds out of the packet and push seeds into the soil.  Add a couple drops of High Priestess and Magician oil to the soil.

Next light the High Priestess, Celestial, and then the Magician candle.

Allow yourself to connect with the spell, allow your energy to transform in the process.  This portion of the spell can be as long as you feel guided to sit with your spell.

Burn the candles to completion, if safe to do so.  If you need to turn them off, meditate with the spell again before relighting.

After the household candles are complete, turn off the Manifest the Best! candle.  You can remove it from the spell plate and light that candle whenever you are drawn to do so.

Place spell remains in a brown paper bag.  You can dispose them if you wish or you can bury them to ground the spell or bury them in a potted plant.  Do what feels right to you.