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Money Drawing Spell Instructions

January 22, 2024

Money Drawing Spell Instructions

Spell Kit Includes

3 Green household candles

Money Drawing Ritual Oil

Green Aventurine Crystal

Money Salt


Good Fortune Incense Cones


Prior to Setup

First, set a sacred space for your spell. 

Clean as well as energetically cleanse the room you will be casting in.

Optional: Apply Lunam Love oils of your choosing.

If you would like tips on cleansing your space, click the link below.

Cleansing Blog

Before casting take a ritual shower or bath. 

The reason you want to cleanse prior to casting, you want your vessel as well as the room you are casting in as neutral as possible so your intentions are clear.

Make some tea or your favorite beverage and begin to think of the intentions for your spell.  Also light your first incense cone to set the mood.

While drinking your tea, write an intention letter of what your money goals and what you wish to manifest.  Allow yourself to get into the energy.  Enjoy writing the letter!  Feel it as it is already yours!

In your letter, be specific about your money goals.

 I recommend writing 3 letters.  It will help you manifest quicker and keep the momentum flowing.

Write 3 lists.

1st List, write your money goals for the month

2nd List, list of larger goals, goals that will take over a year or more

3rd List, And also a separate list for BIG goals.

By writing your letters this way, you start to br

Spell Setup

Place the foil over a plate or cookie sheet.

*Cookie sheets are heat resistant and will not crack if the candles catch fire.

For fire safety, keep baking soda nearby.  It is a fire retardant.

Place the folded letter underneath the spell plate.

Add a ring of salt around your spell.

Next spell protection

Envision a sphere of protection around you and the room you are in. You can call in the corners.  Click the link below to learn how.

Casting a Circle

Casting Your Spell

Hold the candles to your heart and connect to them.  Envision your intentions flowing into the candles.

Now dress your candles with the Money Drawing oil.

*You can add other Lunam Love oils to your spell candles if you are drawn to do so.

Place the candles on the plate in a triangular shape.

Next hold the green aventurine stone and do the same as you did with the candles.  Hold them to your heart and meditate.

Place it on the plate.

Light the second incense cone and meditate with your candle and envision your spell coming to fruition.  Send energy through your hands and send it to the flames.

While your spell is burning, take note of any feelings you have, visions, etc.

Thank your guides and close the circle.

 You can continue to let your candles burn even when the circle is closed.

How to dispose of spell remains

Keep green aventurine with you.  It has the energy of your spell.

Place spell remains in a brown paper bag.  You can dispose them if you wish or you can bury them to ground the spell or bury them in a potted plant.  Do what feels right to you.


Stay positive.

Number 1 rule, do not doubt your spell or the ability for it to manifest!

**Candle and fire safety PSA:  Do not leave your candles unattended.  Burn within sight, on a heat-resistant surface. Do not move candles.  Do not burn near draft.  Keep away from children or pets.  Turn off candles if you cannot keep an eye on them.