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Wealth Glass Candle, Premium Glass

Now 4 ounces bigger!


I worked on this recipe for months to make sure the energy was complete in all ways to bring in wealth and prosperity. Every part of this candle holds symbolism and magick.

This candle is to aid in growing wealth. This is a completely different recipe than my Money Drawing candles. Money comes and goes, but wealth and prosperity keep growing and expanding. First of all, it works with mindset, creating a wealth mindset, releasing any scarcity mentality. Each candle will work in the way it needs to aid you in your path. For those that already have a wealth mindset, this will help your endeavors grow and expand, opening the right doors, helping you meet the right people.

While working with this candle, I personally experienced a boost in energy to get organized, finish tasks I have been lagging on or putting off. It helps with the building blocks of success, setting a solid foundation for your goals.

On the label is a a Medieval Money talisman. It has been used for success and wealth from the Medieval era. I activated the batch of candles just as I do the talismans.

These can be lit at the same time as my Money Drawing candles.

These are made to aid you in your spiritual path for whatever your needs may be. They can be used for spells, rituals, as meditation candles, altar candles, etc.

I am a Holy Fire 3 Karuna Reiki Master and energy worker, and I while making the candle, when packaging, and before shipping it to the customer.

Scent: Sangria

Premium coconut wax candle
Vegan & Cruelty Free
14 oz glass

4" tall candle x 3.5" wide

Blend of essential oils, essence oils, herbs, pyrite chips, and a crystal quartz. 

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