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Live Sale #29 Item Descriptions

September 06, 2022

Live Sale #29 Item Descriptions

1111 Body Oil

1111 is the next oil in our numeric collection. As you know, 1111 is one of the most popular numbers, the one everyone is always talking about. So what does 1111 mean? 1111 connects to manifestation. Seeing 1111 a lot does indicate that you are going down the right path. On the contrary, if you see 111, this means that you need to fine-tune what you are saying and manifesting. You need to be careful about what you are saying because that will be what ends up manifesting for you. 

Essentially, seeing 1111 indicates that you are aligned. So the 1111 oil will align you to universal energy. You will begin noticing more synchronicities and you will be more connected to your guides. 1111 is one of those gateway numbers that lead you to many other gateways of energy so be ready to see your manifestations become your reality. 

The label of 1111 contains the Flower of Life in the background, which represents the cycle of life, it contains sacred patterns of the universe, and it helps you harness the energy of your own life. This was the symbol that was coming thru for this manifestation oil. The Flower of Life adds to the energy of the oil which as I described above is universal energy. However, it is not simply universal energy that you will be connecting to. Things will not only manifest in your mind where you thing something is about to happen and it never does. This oil will help your manifestations go into the earthly realm, which is sometimes where a lot of manifestations get stuck.

1111 is good luck, it is prosperity, abundance, etc. It is the manifestation of what you are working towards. Whether that be love, health, good fortune, a new job, etc. This oil will aid in all of your manifestation work.

When I was making this oil I kept getting the visualization of earth. So imagine being in the forest, by a campfire, looking up at the stars, the cosmos, and knowing that your are part of the universe and that you are aligned to what you want. 1111 has similar notes to my Witching Hour oil, sort of smoky sweet. It has notes of sumac and tobacco which help with divination. This oil will pair perfectly with the Magician, the High Priestess oil, and the Oracle oil. It is also very important to note that although this oil is Earthbound, you can also use it to go up, so you can use it with Quantum Leap and with Cosmic Consciousness. I love this oil because it has anchoring energy indicating that you are going on the right path. 1111 is basically going to feel like you are doing it, you are achieving your goal, you are almost there, it is almost manifesting. 1111 will help amplify the energy, so it will work in many different ways depending on what you are feeling when you see 1111. 

Scent Profile: Sumac & Tobacco

Evil Eye Protection Candle Bundle

Evil Eye can affect everyone in your household (even your pets). With this bundle, you get three individual Evil Eye candles, I recommend lighting these as follows:

Light 1 candle for yourself

Light 1 candle for your home

Light 1 candle for everyone in your home

If you are a business owner, I recommend lighting these as follows:

Light 1 candle for yourself

Light 1 candle for your home

Light 1 candle for your business

You can go ahead and light all of these at once. You can also light these to protect mind, body, and spirit. You can really use these in many different ways. 

To put your intentions into the candles, you are going to carve the intentions into the candle. I personally like using crystal points to carve into the candles. Once that is done, you are going to set them up on a candleholder, or if you don’t have one, you can use tea lights, and then you will proceed to light them. 

***I will go ahead and post some spell instructions on a separate blog in the near future. These will help beginners, maybe even more advanced individuals. 

The Lovers Anointing Oil

I came up with this recipe for a couple of clients who were trying to find their soulmate. I don’t usually do any love spells, but I did come up with this oil. I had one client use it, and within a couple of months, they met their soulmate. Sure enough, I tried it with another client and they also met their soulmate. So different clients of mine who were trying to meet their soulmate tested this oil, and all had amazing results. The Lovers definitely brings in that soulmate energy, and can be used by anyone no matter what their preferences are. 

The Lovers can also be used to sweeten a relationship, to sweeten up your energy, etc. If you want to use a body oil along with The Lovers, you can go ahead and pair it with our Sweet Love body oil. This oil can also be used to strengthen a current relationship. It is really good for long term relationships. If there is anything bitter lingering around in your relationship, it will sweeten it right up. 

This oil also connects to the tarot card as well. So if you are someone who is just getting started on the Tarot journey and are getting to know the cards, you can definitely use this oil to connect to the energy of the lovers tarot card. It can also be used to connect to the female archetype of the lover as well. 

It is important to note that you don’t have to use this oil with the intention of calling anyone into your life, you can also use it to do some heart healing. However, this will not be the type of heart healing where you will be crying. So you can definitely use this oil to do some heart work and do some self-love work. 

Scent profile: Vanilla & Chocolate notes.

Free Your Mind Anointing Oil

Free Your Mind is great for psychic development. It is good to use before client sessions, and before spell work. The great thing about Free Your Mind is that it clears up your third eye. So those of you who do a lot of sessions and feel very tired and as if they were foggy, this oil will clear up the fog from your mind. 

Scent profile: Peppermint & Lemongrass

Moon Goddess Candle

The recipe for our Moon Goddess candle has evolved since it was first made. Moon Goddess connects to the beautiful lunar energy. You do not have to light it only on the full moon. You can use this candle whenever you want to connect to your divine feminine and to lunar energy. 

It is important to remember that the moon also amplifies, therefore, anytime you are doing spell work, you can light Moon Goddess to amplify the energy of the spell you are working on. 

Moon Goddess smells like Cucumber and Jasmine; these are both ruled by the moon. For those who work with the Goddess Selene, know that her energy is in here. She is an amazing and beautiful Goddess. She comes up often during the Goddess Energy Cleansing calls. Selene connects to the moon and the many phases of it, and she helps you realize that you also go through different phases. There is so much divine feminine energy in this candle, and that helps you flow with things and almost like dance through your very own different phases. 

This candle is good to light when you are wearing the Sacred Feminine body oil. It is good to light when you are doing bath rituals, or during meditations. The energy of this candle is very spa like, especially because of the Jasmine scent. You can light Moon Goddess at any time during the day, morning and night; during morning yoga, nighttime baths, etc. Remember that the lunar energy is always present, regardless if the sun is out or not. 

Scent profile: Cucumber and Jasmine

888 Body Oil

888 has a very luxurious and sultry energy; but more than that it connects to wealth energy and it contains a lot of royal energy. 888 embodies your divine feminine but can also be used for the divine masculine. The King and Queen energies are in this body oil so you can use this with any of our Queen/King oils. It also contains a little bit of Vixen energy since Lilith is a Queen. 

888 helps you embody that soul royalty and it will help you with root chakra and sacral chakra activations. This oil can be used with wealth work, with balance such as the celestial wealth of enjoyment. It will help you enjoy the richness of life while being completely supported by the universe. 888 is like a sovereignty oil which helps you connect, step into, and embody royalty.

You can use 888 before ritual work, before spells, you can use it before Queen activation spells, you can use it before meditations, before bed, etc. For those who connect to the underworld, you can definitely use 888 to connect to the underworld (you do not have to, but definitely can do so). 

888 is the counterpart to the recently released 888 body spray which will be added to our website soon for those who missed our mini live sale for the month of August. 

Scent Profile: Chocolate & Cherry