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New Moon in Cancer

June 25, 2022

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer 

Welcome to the first new moon of summer! This new moon is in the sign of Cancer, so expect the element of water to have a strong presence during this time. You may feel the need to spend more time at the beach, the pool, or take more baths or showers. You may also feel a deeper connection with water elemental spirits such as mermaids and nymphs, or animals like the dolphin or whale. For those of you who work with deities, you may feel a deeper connection with deities of the sea or storms such as Poseidon or Venus. 

Because the new moon is in Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, do expect a magnified sense of sensitivity emotionally and psychically. When the moon is in Cancer, there is more of a focus on turning inwards and focusing on matters related to relationships and the home. There is a need to take care of personal matters and create or maintain a sense of security. There is also a call or draw towards healing, whether it is for yourself or for relationships. 

New moons in general are a powerful time for manifestation, for clearing out energetic debris and setting the stage for what you want to draw in. With the presence of Cancerian energy, there will be deeper insights about what it is that needs to be manifested as well as guidance on how best to make it happen. If you have been wondering or struggling to manifest something for your home and family, now is the time to connect to the new moon and set your intentions. 



Silver, blue 


Agrimony-cleansing, protection (especially against psychic attack) , enhances magickal/energetic healing, encourages restful sleep 

Daisies-protection (especially over babies), deeper connection to the element of earth and nature spirits, offering to Freya

Honeysuckle-enhance psychic sight, love, good luck, prosperity 

Hyssop-cleansing, purification, protection, spiritual healing 

Jasmine-protection, health, creativity, prosperity, love


Moonstone-connection to the moon/lunar deities, love, divination, enhance psychic abilities, sleep, protection 

Sapphire-money, protection, healing, love, fidelity, enhancing psychic abilities, power 


Charm Bag for Prosperity

In a green or gold colored bag (or whatever color you most associate with prosperity), mix in your favorite prosperity herbs and crystals along with one of the herbs that are listed above to help you connect with Cancer energy. 

Carve or draw the Cancer symbol on a candle (this can be one you purchased or one you have dressed yourself). 

Hold the charm bag between your hands and focus on what it is you want to manifest. Light the candle and place the charm bag next to or in front of the candle. Keep the charm bag there until the candle has burned out. Please practice candle safety and do not leave candles unattended. 

Across the Phases Spell

On a piece of paper, draw the phases of the moon. You can also print a picture out to keep on your altar. 

Around this image, write down or draw what it is you want to manifest with this new cycle. 

If you have any candles or incense that you want to use for your intention, such as manifestation ones, light them. You can also anoint yourself with your favorite ritual oils to aid your spellwork.

Starting at the new moon image, state aloud or in your head what you want to manifest for this cycle. Place your wand, blade, a piece of jewelry, or a crystal on this image and then move it slowly across the moon phases, visualizing your intention growing and becoming a reality. Do this as many times as you can until you have a solid visual of your intention manifesting.  


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