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Winter Solstice Box - Starseed Oracle Cards

December 09, 2020

Winter Solstice Box - Starseed Oracle Cards

A New Earth

It's happening. Keep holding the vision.

If you pull this card it's a reminder to have faith! You chose to be here, to be part of this global shift. Whether you're bringing it about through prayer and meditation or through working on a new project, job, or creation, keep going. It's happening. Don't give up now.

Activated Earth

Power places. Ley lines. Trust where you’re led. 

Are you being called to travel to a sacred place that your soul remembers? Or to tend to the land you live on? To honor and acknowledge the known and unknown keepers or nature spirits of that land? As you connect with the Earth and honor its keepers, the land opens up more fully to hold you, the fruits provide more nourishment, and the guardians watch over you. 

All Paths Lead Home 

Inner authority. Intuition. Turn your gaze within. 

If this card appears, you may be called to develop or switch up your spiritual practice. To get in the habit of turning your gaze within--getting centered for the day---before consuming anything from the outside world. To start from a feeling of ‘at homeness’. And throughout each day, to find simple ways to keep coming ‘home’.

Big Picture Thinking 

Pleiades energy. Visionary. Inspired ideas.

The Pleiadeans are our cosmic cousins. They’re here to remind us that it’s never too late to learn new things and change the planet. To take a breath, shake off what you’ve been taught about th world, and hold a new vision for humanity. 

The world needs more artists, dreamers, inventors, and visionary thinkers. Perhaps you’ve had an idea recently that you’re being called to usher in. If so, this card is your confirmation that it’s divinely guided. 

The Blue Flame 

Spontaneous awakening. Activation. Integration time. 

This is a card of awakening and energetic upgrades. Perhaps you’re going through a period of spontaneous awakening--receiving visions and having experiences that are out of the ordinary?

If you’re in the midst of an awakening (the process never ends), treat this time as deeply sacred and give yourself ample space to ground and integrate the extreme changes you’re going through. 

Breath of the Cosmos 

My will to thy will. Micromanaging the Universe.

You’re being called to stop micromanaging the Universe and trust the breath of life. To surrender to the greater will that God (or Universe/Higher Power) has for you. To move from ‘my will to thy will.’

When you surrender to the greater will of life, you begin dancing with the rest of life. When you surrender your personal will--when you relinquish control and release the way you think things should be and surrender to the greater will-- you find yourself being led. You begin breathing the breath of life. 


Soul gifts and training. It’s time to step up. 

If you’re being called toward a creative project, a passion, or an adventure, this card is your confirmation that you’re facing the right way and that this moment right here is destined. If you’re feeling underprepared, or thinking Who am I to do that? this card is guiding you to step up and leap...And consider perhaps that your soul has been training for this moment, right here, for lifetimes. 

Child of the Cosmos 

The intelligence of the Universe lies within you. 

You’re being called to remember the intelligence that’s within each and every one of your cells. To remember that you’re a precious child of a loving, gentle Universe. That you have access to all of the intelligence, wisdom, strength, flow, and qualities there ever were, are, or will be. And to remember that if flowers know exactly when and how to bloom, then you do too. 

The Cosmic Heart

Devotion. Potency. Make your life a moving prayer. 

When you surrender to a state of devotion, you find yourself flowing with all of life. You’re being called to refocus your attention deep within: to the intelligence of your heart. To bow with deep reverence to your inner temple. To live your life in devotion to this place. To make your life one big moving prayer. This is your call to take a moment and reconnect with the truth at the very center of your heart. To get back to the essence of what you’re about. Right now, you’re being called to plant your soulb ’s seeds and sing to them with deep devotion. To live your life according to what makes you come alive, rather than what everyone else thinks. To make your life on big moving prayer. 

The Courageous Peony 

Multifaceted, unique nature. Let yourself be seen.

It’s time to open yourself up to being seen. Time to share your incredible, multifaceted, true nature with the world around you. To uncover and reveal your soul's greatest gifts without wavering. To own your uniqueness without apology.

The Courageous Peony is here to remind you that it’s safe to embody all if who you truly are. It’s safe to share your voice and let yourself be seen. 

Deep Cellular Healing 

Arcturus energy. Physical and emotional healing. 

If this card has made its way to you, you’re being called to focus on your healing in practical ways. You may be called to switch things up with your body or your emotional wellbeing. To call in a team of helpers to support you in navigating any challenges you may be experiencing emotionally. 

Double Mission

Lightworker Starseed. Serve the world by being you. 

If you pull this card you’re being called to remember your collective mission and step into it even more fully. You’re being reminded that your role as a Lightworker is to light up the world with your presence. This doesn’t have to be a great big thing or decision you need to make. You also don’t need to have a great big plan. If you resonate with being a Lightworker, all you need to do is work out what lights you up (your passions and joys) and keep doing that. 

Earth School

Life lessons. Soul growth. Study. Higher learning.

If you pull this card while you’re going through a difficult time, you’re being prompted to remember that your soul came here to grow and learn. Try not to look at difficult times as ‘getting it wrong’--instead, see them as opportunities for soul growth. Pulling this card can also mean that you’re being called to embark on a new area of study or growth. If you’re having difficulties in a relationship, you’re being reminded that these are opportunities for soul growth--after all, relationships are known as the number one way that we grow as souls while we’re here on Earth. 


Learning how to be human. In the world, but not of it. 

Most Starseeds are drawn towards transcendence. They’re more comfortable with the angels and the heavens. Life on Earth can be more difficult for them. If this is you, you’re being reminded that you chose to be a soul in a body on Earth. And you’re being called to focus more of your energies in the physical world. To learn how to be human-a soul in a human body, fully present to what life on Earth has to offer you. 

Empathic Starseed 

Energetic sovereignty. Absorbing what’s not yours. 

If this card appears, consider lightening the load energetically. Don’t put yourself under such pressure to go out into the world. Be gentle with yourself. Allow extra time and care to recover energetically. It’s okay to look after your own growth and healing before feeling you should offer it to the world. Indeed, it’s necessary if you want to continue to do so sustainably. 

Fall into My Arms 

Surrender. Holding the opposites. Extremes of life. 

 You’re being invited to welcome the highs and lows of the human experience--to let them initiate your more fully into this life. The agony and the ecstasy. The beauty and the bitterness. The more wildly the pendulum of your life swings, the more truthfully you can say, ‘I’ve truly lived.’

Forge, Don’t Follow 

Pave a new path. Be the leader you wish you had. 

This is a card for leader.s You’re here to pave a path that hasn’t been walked on before. To go first and lead the way for others who are calling you in. If you feel misrepresented in the media, step forward for all those who also feel misrepresented. If no one’s speaking out on topics you feel passionate about, share your unique voice. 

The Golden Children

Inner child. Tenderness. Innocence. Rare gifts. 

If you pull this card it may be a sign that you’re being called to mother, father, or nurture a child. You may be called to tend to your own inner child, a creative idea or project, or a new beginning. To treat yourself or the new beginning with sweet, tender love. 

The Great Severing 

Mars energy. Anger. Conflict. Softening to love. 

This is a shadow card: one that may feel confrontational. Don’t be afraid--it’s here to bring to the surface anything that’s standing in the way of letting love in. If this card surfaces, it could be for two reasons. Firstly, for you to acknowledge the difficult emotions, situations, conflicts, wounds, and fears that are causing you pain and anxiety. And secondly, got you to find your way back to love. 

I Remember

Soul plan. The fated life vs the destiny life. 

If you pull this card it’s because you’re likely now face to face with the choice to follow the destiny life over the fated life. To trust the path your soul is calling you toward--and to remember that this moment was prearranged on your life’s timeline. You may find yourself at a crossroads. You may be facing a change of career, a new relationship, a difficult decision, or something else that requires courage and faith. 

Inner Earth

You’ll survive this. New solutions and beginnings. 

If you find yourself facing an obstacle, or feeling stuck, and have no idea what to do, you’re bein reassured that there is a way out. You’ll survive this and things will work out. Helpful people, signs from the Universe, and support in both expected and unexpected ways are on their way to you. But first, you need to do something different to shift your focus so you can receive them. 

Jump In

Andromedan energy. Adventure. Say yes to change. 

Perhaps you have a significant goal or opportunity ahead of you? If so, you’re being guided to hump in. Don’t wait for permission. Don’t stall until you feel ready. Take a deep breath, a good old run up, and jump right on in. 

Lost Lands

Soul memories and gifts. You’ve done this before. 

You’re being called to connect with the lost wisdom of your own soul. If you feel guided to make a change in your life--to step into a new career path, birth a creation, or bring an idea to life--but feel unprepared, this card is calling you to consider that you’ve done this before. Perhaps the intuitive hits and ideas you’re receiving are divinely guided. Perhaps you’ve been preparing for this time. If this card comes to you, perhaps the wisdom of lost lands such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon exist within you. 


Sirius energy. Bridging harmony and balance. 

You’re being called to bring about balance and harmony between the masculine and feminine. To be a guardian of harmony and balance on Earth. You can begin to bring harmony and balance by creating it in your own life--the ripples will flow from there. You can honor and balance the sacred masculine and feminine energies within yourself and others. 


Doors are opening. You decide. Rewards. Wild card. 

When this card comes up, it’s a sure sign that effortless change is possible. If you've been looking for a sign, this is your portal into that new reality. Now is the time to make big changes. If you’ve been guided to switch things up, you’re extremely well supported right now. Use this energy and jump right on in! 

The Seas of Mintaka

Seeing potential. Bringing unconsciousness to light. 

This card represents the crystalline clarity of potential and possibility. It’s about the ability and choice to see the potential in all people and situations. You may have received this card as confirmation that a situation or project has extreme potential and will reach fruition. It’s a very uplifting, light-filled card that brings great harmony, contentment, and positive outcomes. 

The Seven Star Sisters

Birthing creation. Tapestry of life. Expression. 

If you draw this card you’re being called to surrender to creating, to usher in a new era of consciousness and do your bit in weaving the web of life. This is the card of the artist and the midwife. Perhaps you’re being called to surrender to a creative project, such as a new business or a book. Regardless of the end result you’re being called to express yourself through your creativity. 

Star Ancestors 

Hidden secrets. Lost wisdom. Look a little deeper. 

You’re being invited to step into your ancient knowingness. To be held by the rememberings of the star ancestors. To look a little deeper. If you’re feeling stuck, you’re being called to do something different-to change your point of view. 

Star Bathing 

Light body. Crystal grid. Transmission. Activation. 

If you pull this card you may be being called to begin working with the stars and the crystalline grid of the Earth. This card commonly arises because you’re here to connect with the crystalline grid of the Earth, either in your hometown or by traveling to other places without quite knowing why. It can also mean that your light body (the energy body in its highest form) is being activated. If this resonates, take things extra slow in order to integrate this change of vibration. 

Star Brothers

Horus energy. Protection. Loyalty. Safety. Trust. 

You’re more protected than you can imagine. It’s safe to open the back of your heart. You’re being called to be open to receiving a new level of support now--from those in your life and from the benevolent beings you’re connected with. 

Star Family

You’re part of a team of souls. Call in support. 

At some stage, we were each part of a soul cluster-a gathering of souls who broke away from one another to experience themselves individually. Those who are part of your soul cluster are part of your star family. You know that someone is part of your star family when you feel like you know and remember them from the moment you meet. They feel instantly familiar and comfortable. You feel more yourself with them than with anyone else. 

If this card comes up, it’s likely that you've met someone who is part of your star family, or you’re about to. 

Star Keeper

Cosmic ancestor. Seed the light by staying grounded. 

You’re an ancient keeper of the stars. Here to anchor and seed your light in your unique way. You’ve likely been incarnating on Earth for some time, dedicated to an era of awakening and bringing about a long awaited shift in the planet’s evolution. We’re at a tipping point now. The more grounded you remain during this transitional period, the more helpful you’ll be. The more you tend to the flames of your own heart, the more love you’ll anchor on this planet. The wisdom of the stars is imprinted in your soul.

Surrender to the Sweetness

Venus energy. Pleasure. Joy. Make love to life. 

This is a sensual, highly feminine card. It’s a call to surrender to the sweetness of life. If you’ve been all work and no play, this is a sign to take some time out. To reconnect with your lover, play with your children, and give yourself the luxury of time without an agenda. 

Trust the Timing 

Trust the wave you came in on. Time is not running out. 

Right now, you’re being reminded to take a breath and trust the wave you came in on. To trust the season you’re in. Time isn’t running out. There’s plenty of time. There’s no rush and it’s never too late. 

The Void

Stop. Embrace winter. Great cosmic womb.

The message of the Void is to surrender to the unknown. To allow the fertile darkness of nothingness to nourish the new seeds growing within you. When this card appears, it’s a sure sign that the most productive thing to do is relinquish control and surrender to the changing mystery of your life 

Water Your Garden 

Nourishment. Body care. Tenderness. Rest. 

You’re strongly being called to put on the brakes, rest, and refuel. To take a moment to restock and replenish, and slow right on down. You’re being called to take responsibility for your wellbeing, to put your health and body first. Give yourself enough time to recover when you find yourself running on reserves. There is enough time. Life will bend toward you when you do. 

Weight of the World 

Boundaries. Let it go. It’s not yours to carry. 

This card is a reminder to look after your own wellbeing before anyone else’s. To stop carrying the world’s problems on your shoulders. In these changing times, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the state of the planet; however, you can’t take on its problems from a place of energetic depletion. This card is thanking you for caring so much, and is also telling you that it is time to establish clear boundaries so you’re not constantly taken out energetically. The planet needs you to be healthy, both physically and emotionally.  

Whale and Orca Elders 

Share your song. Frequency of sound. Diving deep. 

If you pull this card, you’re being called to surrender to your deepest truth and share it with potency. To bow to who you truly are. To stretch your heart wide enough to hold it all. To leave your fears, doubts, and baggage at the door. To question any part of you that doesn’t feel good enough. 

You Got The Love 

Hadarian energy. Codependency. Boundaries. 

The message of this card is to review the ways you may need to establish healthier boundaries. This card is a sign to do a relationship review and see what energetic agreements you’ve made, consciously or unconsciously. 

You’re Not Alone

Isolation. Physical connection. Community. 

The main message of this card is to step out of your cave and physically reach out to those in your life. To replenish when you need to but not isolate yourself. 

Your LIfe is a Canvas 

Artist. Manifestation. Creative accountability. 

This card is inviting you to see your entire life as a canvas, and the picture is completely up to you. Color it with your thoughts and feelings. Create the life that you most long to live. You may also be called to be more creative in your everyday life. What have you been called to create? How can you express yourself more creatively?